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(After our dinner on the roof we head back down stairs and I go to find Kyungsoo so I can thank him.) "Kyungsoo here you are". Oh princess what can I do for you? "First just call me yui and second thank you for the kimchi spaghetti it was so good". I'm glad you liked it after all it was the least I could do anyway this party is wonderful yui. "I'm so glad you like it well enjoy the rest of the party". (I was walking away when suddenly someone grabs my hand.) "N are you okay? I'm fine just wanted to say congrats to you and have a good time. "Thx". (I went to find Joshua when I saw him and the guys talking.) "Joshua I'm going outside for some fresh air okay". Okay I should assist you. "It's just outside I'll be fine". (I step outside and take in some fresh air when suddenly I was knocked on conscious.) -Joshua's Pov- "Has anyone seen yui?" No. "Oh right she must still be outside. (Going outside I don't see her but when I look down I see her crown and a note.) We've got the girl bring all of seventeen to the empty war house where well be waiting times ticking. "Oh My God guys we have a problem someone took yui". Joshua well find them if we're gonna find her we need to go now. "This is all my fault I should have sent out there with her". We'll find her alive that's a promise. -Yui Pov- (My head is banging and I couldn't move I open my eyes to an unfamiliar place.) "Where am I? So your up princess. "Eunji what's going on? I kidnapped you. "Why I thought we we're friends". We we're until I found out you had a crush on Joshua I've been trying to get him to notice me forever but instead he noticed you I'm honestly jealous. "You don't have to be there's someone out there for you". Maybe there is maybe there isn't. "What is it you want from me? Your life I want everything you have. "My life isn't that great it's just as normal as anyone else's. Shut up. (I couldn't do anything to prevent from getting hit because my hands were tied up.) Okay we're gonna call Joshua let him know your okay but times winding down for you. Yui? Joshua plz help me. Yui where are you Yui? Hi Joshua. Eunji your behind this. Yep but you better hurry times ticking and you wouldn't want something to happen to the poor princess. Hello Hello hello. -Call Ended- "Joshua!!" (I start to cry) "Please I'll do anything just please let me go". Aww don't cry everything will be okay now let's get you some food. (I couldn't believe what I was seeing the one bringing out my food was none other then my closest Vixx Member N.) I'm so sorry yui she's making me do it I'll get you out of here I promise. (I cry more not even trying to ear I was to scared and sad. -Joshuas Pov- A week later We're here let's go in. "Yui we're coming". (We step in to find eunji waiting for us.) You made it it took you forever to get here I've waited a whole day for you did you get lost. "Cut the sweet talk where is yui". She's near.. yui wave hi. Joshua!! "Yui!!! "What is it you want? I want to be kissed by you, to be hugged by you, and to marry you. "If I kiss and hug you will you let her go? Of exchange for you. "Deal". No I'd rather die then leave him here with you. Fine with me. (She let's her fall but to my surprise N comes out and saves her. N what are you doing? Saving my friend from her death. (I pull out my gun and point it to her head.) (she grabs the gun tossing it away.) Hey over here you want a fight then let's do it. Yui your so kind to step in for your prince it's sickening. (We fight hurting each other she had the gain on me but I ended up knocking her out and we we're both rushed to the hospital.) -End of pov- (When I woke up again to happy faces and start to cry.) "You guys thank you so much I was so scared. Your okay now we've got you. (We join In a group hug and we're once again okay.) Done done and done next chapter is all about the honeymoon and sorry about the kidnap thing I had to kinda mix it up again this is the last time promise Lol @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding @evieevelyn @UKissMeKevin @TheEnlightenment @ChaErica @KpopandKimchi @Defy24601 @twistedpuppy