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I came across two pretty cool videos today, and I thought I'd share them! You know how there's times in anime where a guy pats a girls head, or grabs her wrist and it's supposed to be a really romantic moment? Well, that's actually based in Japanese culture to some extent!

Watch the vids below to find out more :D

These are the affection actions MOST desired by Japanese girls XD
We see a lot of these kind of actions in anime, right? Seems they could work in real life too!! But I have to say I think some of these would just be too weird to me....like if you try to pull me off while I'm in the middle of a conversation, I'm going to want to hit you and tell you to get out XD
And these are the romantic actions Japanese girls want the least XD
I have to agree that the sleeve rolling is the most ridiculous of them all....that would just be too uncomfortable to even be okay XD XD

So, which one do you think is cutest?

The Asunaro Hug is the only one I would even attempt to do. That one's sweet, and I would totally do that one to my gf.
I like #2 on the most popular one πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
πŸ˜† saw these a couple days before. Cool