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So hopefully with the release of Pok茅mon Sun & Moon, there will at least be a couple of new Eeveelutions. We have already seen Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, Ice & Fairy types done, but what about the others? Well here are the best concept arts of the remaining types. @AimeBolanos this one is for you so I hope you like it.
Name: Geareon Type: Steel Name Origin: Gear (as in machine gears)
Name: Licheon Type: Ghost Name Origin: Lich (a revived spirit with powerful magic abilities)
Name: Miteon Type: Bug Name Origin: Mite (a type of small arachnid related to the tick)
Name: Nimbeon Type: Flying Name Origin: Nimbus (From cumulo nimbus, a type of cloud)
Name: Brawleon Type: Fighting Name Origin: Brawl (as in to vigorously fight)
Name: Noxeon Type: Poison Name Origin: Noxious (as in harmful, like most poisons)
Name: Crageon Type: Rock Name Origin: Crag (a steep or rugged cliff)
Name: Wyveon Type: Dragon Name Origin: Wyvern (a winged two-legged dragon with a barbed tail)
Name: Creveon Type: Ground Name Origin: Crevice (A large opening in the ground after an earthquake)
Name: Dareon Type: Normal Name Origin: Darwinism (From Charles Darwin, the grandfather of modern evolution theories)
I wanna see the ghost type the most
I personally am hoping for a dragon type, it'll balance out sylveon and it'll pretty cool to train
@AlexTalley I'll see if I can find the scan
Oh thank you so much!! I can't wait to see! 馃榿
I think the Dragon one has been confirmed. I would like to see a poison type or a fighting type
really?! 0.0
I would say poison type I drew one a long time ago and I've been wondering ever since how the creators would interpret a poison type eeveelution
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