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Okay guys I haven't really updated anything except for my one shot with Kyungsoo. I've been trying to get to Hunters out but my brain is attacking me with story ideas. So far I have two ideas and a one shot which brings me to my Announcement! A while back ago I was tagged in a card that talked about a song called "Good Body" from one of the girls of TARA. While the song was catchy in beat and made you want to dance, the video and the lyrics kind of made girls with insecurities about their bodies feel a little....shitty. Now I've mostly dealt with my issues with my body and personally I like thickness on guys and girls but I adore all shapes and sizes for everyone. Still some how I thought it would be a good plot for a one shot. The one shot is supposed to give the opposite effect this music video may have given to girls that haven seen it. That it's okay if you're not super skinny because the size of your stomach doesn't measure the size of your heart and who you truly are. Your physical appearance should not matter. I want this to be a Fluff one shot and something to really make people feel good. However I also don't want to offend anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. I'd really appreciate it if you gave me some feed back on the comments below on whether or not I should go ahead with the idea of if it would be too touchy a subject to do it. If enough people say it's too touchy of a subject then I won't post it but if you guys don't mind then I'll put it up when I can.
With that being said I haven't decided who I was going to use in the fan fic yet here are your candidates. (You don't have to vote for them but if you put it in the comments I'll put it into consideration of who I'll use )

Kim Junmyeon

Huang Zitao

Kim Jongdae

Park Chanyeol

Kim Jongin

Kim Minseok

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@MelissaGarza no no I like that idea, depending on each lead I chose there's a different story line but all are fluff so I may just do two Thanks for the suggestion 😁
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@BabydollBre your welcome! I'm glad you like it ☺
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This is a great idea, cause there really aren't a lot of stories like this. Personally I would think Baekhyun, cause of what happened recently when he revealed his abs and how he achieved them. But out of the ones you have definitely Minseok. But whoever it is it'll be great, just like your other stories.
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Anything but I love the thought of it! On a personal note, I hate once the song has a nice beat but once I open the lyrics it just offends body types. Every body type is beautiful.
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