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Welcome to our wonderful picnic! Today I shall be your host for this evening and I have a question for YOU!!!!
We all at least once disliked/hated or liked/loved an anime character before those feelings ended up being the opposite. So tell me which anime/manga character you hated at the beginning then ended up loving them and the vice versa who you loved and ended up loving?
Shuzo from Show by rock I absolutely ADORED this character! He is so cute and cheerful but them then in the anime showed he was a complete two-face, selfish, bastard. At the end if the anime he changed and ended up liking him again but at some point I hated him so much I was just saying to the screen....
Forgot his name and I hate him so much I won't even search for it but he is from Highschool of the Dead. This anime is the cliche "I'm surrounded by sexy ladies that wanna do it with me for some reason" just.... with some zombies. And I was like, "Cool, he's kinda hot, lets see with who he ends up." so I was watching the anime then BANG!!! He starts to strangle one of the girls. The reason was because the girl was like not in the mood and just saying everyone was gonna die (cause you know, there are zombies outside) and he just got her from the neck and pulls her up and says something like, "stop with your attitude" something like that. And I was just like, "Hold you padanbras, you don't need to strangle her because of that! What the hell!?!?" And I was just like thinking of other people who see this and think this is ok. NO IT'S NOT OK PEOPLE!! I was like....
Seriously don't do what he did. I hate him. I wish I could see him get eaten by zombies. That would be nice.
Nishiki from Tokyo Ghoul Now this guy I actually hated him at first then loved him. The first time he was introduced and almost killed Kaneki I was just like....
Then when he got more than a b!tch slap and said about his back story I began to like him more and when he came in the screen I whispered.....
Now tell me yours!!!!!
Who did or already hate?.......
Who did you love or already love?..... Leave it in the comments below!!!!
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that's all I can think of right now though...
I legit hated karma from assasination classroom at first but as the anime developed i realised that karma was just a loveable douchebag that does not give an f about ppl
kyoya senpai
laxus and gajeel
@mayarich03 yh kyoya sempai looked like a jerk