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Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader Warning: mature content
August 12th Luckily, yesterday, Jimin didn't notice I was gone. God, that would have been hard to explain. Also, since yesterday, myself and Yoongi have been talking as he keeps on getting writer's block. ~Y/N: any more luck with writing?~ ~Squishgi: nah, I swear sometimes I just hate song writing~ ~Y/N: only when it's hard though~ ~Squishgi: true~ ~Squishgi: would you want to go out for a drink after I'm done here?~ ~Y/N: what coffee or beer? :)~ ~Squishgi: which ever~ What sort of mood am I in? Also, what would Jimin be happy with? He'd probably be happy with the coffee option and I'd feel safer with the coffee option. So that's what I chose.
It was nice. He got some kind of expresso thing while I had a hot chocolate. "So, what type of song are you writing?" I asked, half expecting him to not tell me. "Since I've finished my solo work, i'm trying to make songs for the group that have a modern western pop feel to them. What about yourself? How is your comeback turning out?" "I think it's going well. By this time next week I'll be performing, then we'll see if it's all paid off" "It will, trust me!" He said quickly, I don't even think I registered fully what he said. He almost spoke it into his cup. We then spent the next few minutes finishing our drinks and talking about the littlest of things.
He said he'd walk me back wherever. I said that their dorm was fine as I could see Jimin before I had to head to the company building in the late afternoon. "So how are you and Jimin?" He asked. A bit out of the blue but then again, when me and Namjoon broke up, he was quite supportive about it all. Not that I needed it to be honest. "We're good you know." "You can tell me anything M." He might have known that I was lying. We weren't fine, no matter what I said. We both loved each other yeah but... "I just. I worry that we treat each other more like good friends or siblings than boyfriend and girlfriend. I mean I love Jimin, he's adorable and everything b-" "It's just not all there?" "N-no" "Not all in" "Alright don't reference monsta x now!"
"Seriously M, if it bothers you that much then maybe you two were meant to be siblings." "Really?" "At least try to make things work, if they don't then you know what to do" I couldn't break poor Jimin's little heart. I've said this before. I can't break someone's heart unless mine will be broken in the process, then it's even. I don't like others to feel hurt when I'm fine. I'd do like Yoongi said and see what happens but if Jimin feels the same then... Then it's a breakup I'm afraid. I still want to be close to him, no matter whether I'm dating him or not. I just hope that I can keep the relationship good like I have with Tae!
Once we reached the BTS dorm, it was busy like always. Busy in the sense that all the boys were home. You noticed the top of a head peep around the corner at the end of the hall. Taehyung. He then called to the rest of the boys, "Mack and Suga are home" There were a few murmurs and then the sound of clomping feet from across the dorm. Jimin came practically running to your side. "Hey Macky!" He smiled so innocently that it could kill any fan girl. "Hey Chim, you alright?" "Yeah, I am now, why'd you come over?" I peered over at Yoongi heading to his room and debated on whether or not to tell him the truth, after all, we arrived at the dorm together. "I was trying to help Yoongi get over writer's block and thought I'd come visit after"
Not the best choice of words, it sounded like Jimin was just an after thought, which he wasn't of course. He smiled anyway and dragged me to his room, "well, it's nice to see my girl when she's not hard at work and can relax!" He shut the door behind him and I was first to collapse onto the bed in exhaustion. "It's been a long month so far" I sighed. "I know, it's like your life's work this comeback" "And this is just the single Chim, there's a whole new album to do" One of the songs on the new album was sorted though as the company used one that I wrote while I was a trainee. The others? They were still in the making, not just me, by other songwriters. The company didn't want me to have that kind of pressure. That kind of pressure is on a whole different level from performing and promoting.
Jimin joined me laying on the bed and wrapped his arms around me protectively. We laid like that for around half an hour whispering little compliments to each other every now and then. That was until there was a knock at the door. "Jimin? Are you and Y/N in there?" We both looked at each other and smiled, the boys probably thought we were doing something else... Hint hint. "Yeah we are, come in" he called back. The figure slowly creaked open the door and had a hand up to his face, ready to cover it if he saw something he probably shouldn't. So innocent, such an innocent maknae. "Oh thank god you're just cuddling" "What else would we be doing Jungkook?" I asked suggestively. He could take that whichever way he wanted to.
"I don't want to know. Anyway, Jin asks if you're staying for dinner." I shook my head, "I don't wanna burden him, I'll get a takeout on the way home" "You're not staying?" Jimin pouted. I couldn't, really. I wanted to but I had to get up early the next morning. "You know I can't babe, work and that" "God damn your work" he raised his voice, "you shouldn't have to work this hard" He was already angry as it is, Jungkook just stupidly heated the conversation. "It's not her fault Jimin hyung" "Not her fault? What would you know about Mack's work?" Stupid move Jungkook, that's when the 3 way argument started. I never wanted it to happen, I'm not sure any of us 3 did really. It just kinda slid into the situation and off it went, shouting at different volumes depending on how angry we were.
JK: I know she's working hard hyung, I'm not stupid. Y/N: guys lets not do this JM: do what babe? Kookie here was just invading our privacy JK: I came to deliver a freaking message hyung JM: well then you could have just said it and left, no need to intrude JK: Intrude? Y/N: Jungkook don't JM: don't back him Y/N JK: why not? She is my friend JM: yeah?! She's my girlfriend JK: and?! she can talk to whoever she likes, you don't control her JM: neither do you! You're a funny one maknae, you really are. First Suga hyung taking my girl out God knows where and now you try and swoop in for her!
Y/N: wow, Jimin, me and Yoongi just went out for coffee, nothing happened. JK: exactly, she can do what she likes JM: swooping maknae JK: I'm not fucking swooping in for her, she doesn't need saving from you, she's the one who fucking chose you. JM: and what do you care? You're the one who's been at her throat. Then there was silence. He couldn't deny it, Jungkook had been harsher to me in the past. "Fuck you" he spat and slammed the door shut in our faces. Speechless, honestly. "D-di-did you think... Where did you think we were? What did you think we were doing?" I asked seriously. I don't appreciate these false accusations, no matter whether they are from my boyfriend or not.
"I don't know. Maybe you should just.." He was still angry from the fight, I could tell, "get Yoongi to comfort you, I'm sure he'll drive you home" He swiftly got up and headed out of the room. I was now alone in Jimin's room. It wasn't official, but we were definitely in the first stages of a breakup. I know the signs, they can be as as clear as the living daylight. He wasn't there. He wasn't all in. I slowly rose from the bed and headed to Namjoon's room. Neither Jimin nor Jungkook would be there as Jungkook probably ran to Tae and Jimin probably ran to Hoseok. With tears slowly creeping their way down my cheeks, I knocked on the door. "H-hey Namjoon?" He opened the door, "yeah Ma- what happened?" "Can you drive me home please?" I solemnly asked.
He nodded and didn't start asking more questions until we were in the car. "Relationship problems?" "Y-yeah" "I think the whole street could hear the shouts. It'll be ok though, we'll get Jimin and Kookie back as they were" "I'm.. Just a disaster Namjoon. I destroy friendships, make people hate me, I really am just Bangtan's bitch." "You aren't! I don't know how much more we can tell you that you a-" "I am! There's no way around it. I'm just a slut." "Mack, stop you're aren't-" "You can't deny it, none of you can. I say it's not my fault but it is, I do this to myself and to all of you in the name of love and it hurts." "You just need to get some sleep, your post-argument state is not a good way to stay."
"Fine, I'll eat then head to bed!" "You didn't eat Jin's food?" "No, that's why the argument started." "Ah!" The car pulled up outside my dorm and I carefully got out the car, "thanks Namjoon, I appreciate it" "That's ok, just try to relax. Watch some Adventure Time, that normally cheers you up" I smiled sweetly at him before he drove off and I tiredly strode into my dorm. It was dark and cold, reflected my life, in some way. I don't know, it's just what people say don't they. I shoved a ready meal in the microwave and pulled out my phone. ~From Squishgi: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked to have coffee with you if I knew it would upset Jimin like that.~ ~From ChimChim: I'm sorry, but if this is it, I wanna make it worth while. After work tommoz, I'm taking you back to your dorm. Oh dear god...
Hope you guys enjoyed!! I apologise now, I don't really like the argument as much as I thought I would but I'm not sure how to change it... Tagging: @tiffany1922 @CallMeMsDragon @Saeda1320 @AdeleLynn @Animezkpopgirl @Mavis2478 @Jaysbae13 @milcalopez963 @BangtansQueen
Oh no! Namjoon was so sweet about it though. Fuck the feels are getting to me and I can't fangirl when I'm supposed to be sleeping. I'm totally not binge reading fanfics to catch up.......
Lord Jimin is possessive in this