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Fujoshi challenge day 1

I'm pretty sure that my first Yaoi was either Koisuru Bokun or Junjou Romantica. I can't really remember anymore, but i think these were my first ones.

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my first yaoi was sekai ichigo hatsukoi then I watched junjou romantica and I didn't notice that both anime's were made by the same person till weeks later
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I love both of those animes. I watched junjou romantica first and then I noticed the similarities when I watched sekai ichi hatsukoi
a year ago
My first yoai was Hey Class President...that or it was Tyrant who fell in love...I cant reacall casue ive watched so many!
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Yeah, same. I've also see so many that I can't exactly remember which one i watched first, but I also watched Hey class president pretty early on too.
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