*credits to pictures* Her eyes slid open. My heart stopped. Thankfully, she blinked her eyes a few times and fell right asleep. But when I tried to lay down, she held my hand, signaling me to stay with her. I held her hand back and rested my head on the sofa. I woke up around 6:00am, on the sofa. I opened my eyes, and she was next to me. I thought it was a dream. I blinked my eyes twice to see if this was my stupid imagination or if it was reality. Her arms were wrapped around me, her head on my chest, breathing like a little baby. I put her hair behind her ear and looked at her face. Why was she so cute? I slowly tried to pull away, but she didn't let me. She mumbled, "no... no... don't go... Jin... please..." I felt so weak. For the first time, I wished that I was Jin. Why wasn't I able to be hers? Why not me? I held her more tightly giving her an illusion that I was Jin. She smiled but... She would never be able to know how I feel. I slept trying to deny reality. Y/n woke me up saying, "Yoongi ya! Wake up! I made breakfast for you~" I put the blanket over me saying, "Just 5 more minutes." She flipped the blanket, revealing my face and said, "5 more minutes will become 10 then 20 then forever! Hurry up and eat your waffles!" I groaned and went to the bathroom to get ready. When I went out, she was eating the waffles in front of the t.v. When I went next to her, she asked, "We should watch a movie! What do you want to watch?" I took a bite and said, "I don't know.. Let's just watch something." She reached out and wiped the syrup off of my face. "Pabo~ getting syrup on your face." My heart started to beat like crazy. After we ate breakfast, She picked the saddest movie ever. Miracle in cell no.7. She obviously wanted to pour her heart out without talking about Jin. As we sat on the sofa, she naturally leaned onto me and started to watch the movie. I reached out my arm and wrapped her shoulders around. Y/n started to cry and I let her use my shirt as a tissue. As she started to cry, she looked up at me and asked, "Are you not sad?" "I am, but if I cry you'll cry even more." She giggled and said, "You know me so well" She suddenly confessed, "Hey Yoongi, you know, I really liked you in high school." I was shocked. 'Y/n liked me?' I thought and looked at her, but her eyes were stuck on the screen. "I wanted to confess but, I was scared. I was scared of losing you. What if you didn't like me, and if you rejected, we could've gotten far away from each other. So sometimes, I think I did a good job of not confessing to you. We wouldn't have come this far." I stared at her with a blank look. I turned her face to me and I kissed her. Passionately. This is where my hidden feelings for her came out.
awww😍😍 You go Yoongi!!!
I hope he does well also~^^