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Ahhhh week's almost over! Check out @kpopandkimchi's card here ⤵⤵
You know that whole "love at first sight" thing that people talk about? Yeah no that didn't happen with me and JB... I didnt like tha dude when I first saw him... Why is he my UB now? Well the more I got to Know Got7 the more I grew to like him... I love how he treats the other members, he's a really good leader. He loves us fans so much, he gives us his all, and I love him for that! (Even though sometimes I'm like "Dude, sit down, relax, and sleep!!!") He is such a hard worker! Im so proud of him and the rest of Got7 and how far they have come! I'm very happy he is still my UB :)
I've already seen him in concert... so... Im definitely gonna go with... meet him for coffee!! Like duh!
One? umm... Yo Man?! how can I just choose one?! lol. My favorite moments are when he tries to speak English.. it's cute... like I just wanna pinch his cheeks, and give him a star sticker for trying. LMAO.
Sweet Mother Of GOODNESS! Look at his backside.... ♡_♡ haha okay I'm done....

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I love when he speaks English it's so cute.
My favorite JB moment is when he had to do the cute song on Weekly Idol. Oh my was he adorable.