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I know.... you don't want to mentioned about GD but Fans are calling for him!!!
To protect his pride!!!
100% showing his manly side!!!
Seungri will never give up his pride!!!
But when Taeyang hyung jump in!!!
Now Maknae's pride is back to zero!!! He has none, when it comes to his Hyungs!!!! @KwonOfAKind your pride too!!!(None) if u don't do what I asked.
Damnit panda, you're trying to crawl under my skin by making me feel guilty for not giving you enough attention!😭😭❤❤❤❤❤😍
I have never related to Seungri more lmao "GD isn't here" (I wish he was though lol 😆😈👌) .☕🐸 . but a pride card and 2 love is pain .....JTOP WAAAAAE!?!!??! 💀💀
@KwonOfAKind...I just want to show how much I "LOVE" slapping you!! and your pride!! for asking me to work and providing me MORE WORKSSSS!!!!