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This is very short, I'm sorry but I just came up with another, 'Mystery Imagine.' For those of you that don't know what it is, basically you have to guess or answer one of the questions I'm asking from the beginning of this story. The first one or two to get it, will get to choose the ending and how the story ends. Also, instead of making it first come first serve, I will put usernames of those that commented the correct response in a jar and I will pick out two different names and I will personally contact them. Those that are chosen, will get their preferred ending with whoever they want and however they want! This is usually based off of MV's and you have to guess which member it is, but this one is completely different. Here is one that I've done in the past xx First Ending Second Ending Please follow the collection! xx You're assignment is; you have to guess what exactly is happening in this selection. It's very easy! Haha so have fun! (:
His face was the first thing to pop up in my head. It swirled around, taunting me as I may never see him again. That smile of his, lingered at the back of my mind. What was it about him that I couldn't take my eyes off of? Was it the fact that he couldn't find love because of past relationships? Or was it the fact that he never cared a single ounce about my being? Either way, it didn't matter now. My lungs are giving up, but I can't find the strength or will to move. I can't even find myself being able to turn my head to the left or right. What was I to him? My outstretched arms seemed to flinch, but they wouldn't listen to my commanding. Deeper and deeper I went, but my lungs were still fighting. The pounding in my head clouded my thoughts, but I knew that my heart was beating faster than usual, trying to get my blood rushing even though it's seeping out from openings in my body. My muscles spazzed, and my bones shook. My brain tried yelling at my body, but my soul was weak. Too weak to even believe in surviving in this. My body turned slowly, softly scraping something sharp, but I didn't react to it. My eyes looked up, the moon was still visible even after I was falling into the darkness. The moon is just as beautiful as his being, even after how messed up it looks from my view. It still manages to shine where there is no hope. I coughed, and before I knew it, my eyes were closed and soon, I felt nothing.
she is drowning
So she's drowning.. but she was lead to the pool by someone she loved and trusted. He mistook her for his ex-lover. Upset that it wasn't her, he attempts to kill her. She's seeing his face as she tries to figure out how she ended in her situation.... She gets lost in the beauty of the night forgetting to try and save herself. In the end, she dies. It's actually as sad death. No one is there to help and she's betrayed.
@Tamaki1618 @SimplyAwkward This scenario isn't based off of a MV. All you needed to do was guess what was going on with the girl. From there, I choose two individuals and they tell me what they want as an ending along with who they want it to be.
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@Tamaki1618 Well, I love your theory!
or hard carry @Tamaki1618
Ya true. I was just trying to think back to mv's that were out at the time this was posted, this card was made a month ago but hard carry wasn't out yet then lol xD
It's kinda hard to tell because not many music videos come to mind with the idea that someone is drowning, only the mv Run, where Tae from bts ends up in the water, comes to mind
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