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For those who don't know, Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond to protect Earth. My theory is that Pink Diamond's shattering triggered (not that trigger) the other Diamonds to end the war by any means possible, thus the Corruption Signal/Song/Flash. This new revealation has painted a new light of Rose Quartz for many fans. At first Rose was made out to be an infallably kind General, but that just wasn't realistic from the start. War is war. Rose was a soldier from the moment she came into being. I'm not surprised by this. (But it is a little hypocritival that she would shatter Pink D. and disagree with Bismuth's weapon.)

What do you guys think?

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I like to suggest that Rose Quartz either never did kill Pink Diamond and the other diamonds killed Pink Diamond in attempt to frame Rose Quartz. Hoping that would get everyone to go against her.
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Or Rose was a hired assassin by the Diamonds to kill Pink Diamond for whatever reason
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@Priscillasdoor That's really interesting. There isn't enough information to prove one over the pther though. After all, we don't that much about Rose and her ability relation to Steven, we don't what the are/were like, and how the Diamond authority works in detail. It's all very thought-provoking speculation, and it's beautiful.
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@JaredDaigre Well I'd have to disagree with you about Rose and Steven not sharing the same abilities when that's literally all he can do is share her abilities.... but I do agree we don't have enough information
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This is getting too intense for me lol.
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