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@kimnam94 Thanks for sharing the card... 1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN OF BANGTAN??? Since November 2015 so 10 months... But I am a hardcore fan regardless... I adore their music... 2. WHO WAS YOUR FIRST BIAS??? Hobi... His smile caught me... He is such a goof... Plus he reminds me of a jelly fish when he dances... Looks as if he has no bones... 3. WHO IS YOUR BIAS NOW??? Well I wasnt abducted by aliens but I had one beam himself permanently into my heart... TaeTae for life!!! 4. MEMBER WHO YOU THINK RUINS YOUR BIAS LIST??? The most??? Cuz they all do... Um I would have to say Yoongi... His gummy smile (if you haven't noticed by now I am a sucker for smiles) gets me, as does his passion and hard working... 5. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO LEARN THEIR NAMES??? A few days... Their names were cool and they were so different personality wise it wasn't hard... 6. HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THEIR VLOGS??? I hope not cuz I crave more... I can never get enough of these silly boys, they make my hearteu hurt less because they remind me of my beloved and dearly departed baby brother Kris with their antics... 7. HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THEIR BOMBS??? Nope but I will... Their Bombs are the BOMB lol pun intended... 8. PURCHASED ANY MERCH??? Hahahahaha have I purchased merch??? You betcha... I may not have been a fan for long but I am so into them I love them more than I ever loved the Backstreet Boys... Still love BSB but BTS is life now... They help me cope with emotional hurt... 9. FAVORITE PRE-DEBUT SONG??? Favorite Girl by RapMon... 10. FAVORITE SONG FROM THEIR 2 KOOL 4 SKOOL ALBUM??? We are Bulletproof Pt. 2 I love the beat and the way it makes me want to dance... Then again mostly all their songs do... But WBP2 is above the others on this album... If I had to choose from all their songs it would be Coffee or NO... I have to be honest though Save Me and FIRE are kinda fighting for those spots... 11. MEMBER WHO YOU THINK YOU SHARE MOST IN COMMON WITH??? Aside from the Mario fixation(I despise Mario and all his games especially Super Princess Peach as that game had me almost throw my DS across the room in gaming rage...), Jin as I like to mother those around me including my dad lol... I am a nurturer... 12. MEMBER WHO SEEMS THE MOST BROTHERLY??? Jimin... He is always there for the others... 13. MEMBER WITH A POTENTIAL ACTING CAREER??? Might be a bit biased but Tae lol... 14. FAVORITE STAGE OUTFIT??? Their War of Harmone outfits... 15. NO MORE DREAM MV VS WE ARE BULLETPROOF PT.2 MV??? I love We Are Bulletproof Pt.2's song more but I love the choreography to No More Dream more... My favorite part is when Kookie holds and spins Jimin as Jimin kicks the other members down... So MV wise??? No More Dream for the sick choreography...
So I was supposed to do a DBS "V " card today but I haven't been feeling the best... I have a cold and keep sneezing 10x every 5 minutes... Literally, no joke... My nose is running and I can't catch it... I am congested to all hell... I will try to make it ASAP when I get over this ridiculous cold... So I just deleted and remade this card I had posted since I had noticed I messed up on... Took me 2 hours to do something that usually only takes me 45 minutes... God I hate being human...
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@EmilyGardner thanks!!!
girl you take your time! I love your card