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Day 10: Top 5 ships

Again, probably one of the hardest lists I've had to make.

Here are my top 5 ships (excluding my Ultimate OTP)!

#5 Kryber

Honestly, I ship Amber with everyone, but I love it when Amber and Krystal are together. They're so cute together.

#4 TaeKai

I honestly can't get enough of these two. They are so f***ing adorable! Their friendship gives me so much life.

#3 Markson

Mark and Jackson are so adorable together. There is never a dull moment when these two are together

#2 Baekyeol

These two are too cute. I always laugh whenever these two interact with each other

#1 Yoonmin

Oh my god, I cannot with these guys. Yoonmin is probably one of my favorite ships ever! I love how they take care of each other and how happy they are when they are together. They're so adorable
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