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@Regrann from @msfitone - Do you make others feel good, safe, secure when you are with them? Or do you make them feel weak, unsure or belittled? Either way you are a candle spending your light. If you are happy you spread happiness, if you are hurt you hurt others. Take a little time in your day to think about this....#lifecoach #quoteoftheday #quote #wordstoliveby #think #loveyourself #mood - https://www.instagram.com/p/BJBeh9yAmCj/ Regrann App - Repost without leaving Instagram - Download Here : http://regrann.com/download
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True to some extent but without context all I can say is it says more about them. If someone says or does something that changes the way you feel about yourself, you've given them way too much power.
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