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DAY 18 - A drama you never get tired of?

There isn't any drama I've watched more than once before so I can't really answer this question. I know what you're all thinking... "What you've never watched any dramas more than once?" And my answer is "Yes, I haven't watched any dramas fully through twice. The only drama that came close to watching twice was Coffee Prince because I started watching it with a friend to try to get her hooked." Therefore it never happened. I have way to many other dramas that I have to watch and don't have time to rewatch dramas I've already seen. So, I just start new dramas instead of rewatch. Since this is the last day for this challenge. Ill just list off ten dramas that I want to rewatch that I think were enjoyable the whole time. ENJOY!!!

Top 10 Asian Dramas I Want To Rewatch!

1. Healer (Kdrama) 2. Pinocchio (Kdrama) 3. Love Rain (Kdrama) 4. Marriage Not Dating (Kdrama) 5. Just You (Tdrama) 6. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Kdrama) 7. Kiss Me (ThaiDrama) 8. Heartstrings (Kdrama) 9. Emergency Couple (Kdrama) 10. Personal Taste (Kdrama) Out of all of these 10 dramas, the ones that I think I can watch without ever getting tired of them would be Healer, Pinocchio and Just You. The reason I think these 3 would be the dramas that I can watch nonstop without getting sick of them is because they are entertaining. Dramas that keep me entertained are the ones that I can watch and never dislike.

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what drama YOU never get tire of is!

@biancadanica98 i m watching naw ww two world it is so so great
@carenabobo @biancadanica98 "Big" is still one of those dramas I can't tell if I like it or not. I watched when it first came out but for some reason I don't remember the ending. I do remember feeling very frustrated by Suzy's character.
@biancadanica98 i advice you to watch big , it is great
@TaraJenner Your top 3 were also good and Descendants of the Sun. Yes, Cinderella and the Four Knights is definitely climbing up on my list. It's so good! I'm gonna watch the other 2 soon. Noble my Love was good, another binge one is High End Crush, really cute.
My current top 10: 1. Kill Me Heal Me ♡ 2. Lie To Me ♡ 3. Marry Me Mary ♡ 4. PS Man (Tdrama) ♡ 5. Pinnochio♡ 6a. Fabulous Boys (Tdrama)♡ 6b.You're Beautiful (original Kdrama Verizon of Fabulous Boys)♡ 7. Fated to Love (preferred the Kdrama over the Tdrama) ♡ 8. Descendents of the Sun ♡ 9. Monster♡ 10. Beautiful Mind♡ Current dramas threatening to wreck the list: Jealousy Incarnate Cinderella and Four Knights ♡ W-Two Worlds ♡ Mini dramas for a late night binge: Noble My Love * ♡ Choco Bank* ♡ This was hard as there are sooooo many great dramas I had to cut from the list.
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