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Chapter 15 ************** ~Areum P.O.V~ Walking down the stairs, I could hear low talking in the other room. I walked in to see all of them gathered around. "What's going on?" I asked them. They all stopped talking and looked at me. "Leo sent us a message and we are planning before we are going. You and Nisha will stay here. I wanted to go but I knew I would be better off here. I nod to understand and sat down next to Nisha who was pouting. When Master N went to go kiss her, she tried to push him away but he successfully gave her a kiss on the cheek. I bid them a good bye and be save and they gave us one too. Nisha had the tv going as we both watched tv. I got up and went to the kitchen to get us food but there was a loud crash. I rushed to where the sound is and saw my old Master before Vixx Clan standing infront of Nisha. "Sit" he ordered and I obeyed him. ~Person's P.O.V~ I was feeling dizzy from the guy taking energy from me but it didn't last long until I was feeling better. When he ripped one of the guys head off and drank from the other. I shivered. His voice was soft but also threatening. Dongchul, who we were paid to kill, killed the female and threw the male into the wall. Two of my brothers and I rush to get the man and bring him out so we can save him. Changsun started CPR on the guy while I looked out for our safety. "Dammit breathe why don't you!" He said while pumpping on the chest. It seem like the man was gone and I could feel his energy fading fast. "Its no use. He's already gone." I said to them. "Bullshit, like I'm going to let him die." Changsun said. "Whatever" I said as I turned around to hear noise. "Someone is here" I went to go check it out as I left them to deal with dead guy. I hid behind a corner of the wall. I threw myself out and used all my fighting skills to fight whoever it was. But before I knew it. I was huffing with a knife at my neck. "What's a fragile girl like you doing here?" His husky voice whispered in my ear. "Come on walk" He had me trapped against his chest and the knife at my neck as I walked to where my brothers were. Changsun closed the man's eyes. Kisu looked up and saw me. "Lei!" "Don't move or she will get hurt." Husky voice said. "Let her go!" They look like they were ready to fight but I shook my head at them. "We aren't here to fight you hunters, we came to help our brother" one of them said. With Changsun and Kisu standing infront of me and the five vampires. It would be close to two verses four if a fight breaks out. "Now Ravi let the girl go."The dark skin guy asked. He hesitate for a minute but let me go and I rushed to my brothers. By this time Cory with my other brothers and the guy who took energy from me walked into the room. "Leo are you okay?" The dark skin guy asking the blonde hair guy. I looked at all six of them. I realized that they were the princes. My eyes fell on him. Ravi, the guy that I was curious about. The guy who I will set his beast free. He caught me looking at him and we stared at each other in the eyes. He was bring me in with his gorgeous looks. I wanted him as I could tell he wanted me too. "Is there something you need kitten?" His husky voice sent chills down my body. Cory pushed me behind him and stared at him. "You stay away from her." "I don't need too if she choses to pick me instead." "She's not going with a monster like you" Cory snarled. But I saw the pain flash in his eyes. I wanted to run to him to tell him that he was no monster. "Hey lets not get out of control here. We will be out of you way. Have a good night hunters" the dark skin guy said. I was asumming he was the leader of them. All of them, except for one turned on their heels and left. He looked at me and gave me a playboy smirk. "See you around kitten" he said as Cory held tight on my wrist. He walked out of the house. I felt as half of me left with him. The pain inside me was too much to bare as I broke out of Cory grip and ran after him. My brothers tried to catch me but I was to fast for them. "Wait!!!" I called out for him. "Wait!!!" He turned to me and smirked. "Yes kitten?" He asked as I was out of breathe. He was the only one that could leave me speechless. "I would like to go with you" "The hell your not!!" Cory grabbed my wrist again and yanked me away from him. "Let go of me Cory!!" "No Lei" "Ow your hurting me" I struggled to get out of my brothers grip. "I believe the lady has decided on what she wants. Please let her go." He said to my brother. Cory let go of me, after giving him a look of pleading. I ran to Prince Ravi as he placed an arm around my waist and led me to his car. I gave my brothers one last glance and I could see the hurt in their eyes. I hurt them bad. I hurt my father and my mother. My whole family I have hurt them because of my selfish attitude. "It will be all right Kitten. I'll take good care of you." He said as he drove the car away. ~Cory P.O.V~ My brothers and I watched her drive away. I kneeled down to the ground and ran my fingers in my hair. I let our baby sister leave with a monster and I was only one responsible for letting her go. But why did I feel like it was right thing to do when she gave me that pleading face. "Don't worry Cory, will get here back. But first lets grabbed dad and head to the base house, before we go to the council." Jinhong rubbed my shoulders. I nod and we all went inside to grab our father's dead body. We set his body down to the ground on top of the grass. Not wanting to start the fire for him to burn but we had too. All of us were in silence as we preformed our own funeral at our home base. "I promise Dad that I will get Lei back" I said to him before dropping the match on the wood next to his body. We stood still watching our father's body burn. We said nothing and did nothing. We were all lost in our own little world. After being there for hours. The fire burned out and we collected the ashes into a jar. The rest of them went to cope with our lost as I went to our father's office. Memories of him and I came to me as I sat in the chair. The laughs we shared, him telling me that one day I'll be taking over the group and that my brother's and I will be the best hunters there are. A soft knock came from the door. "Come in" my voice cracked. I didn't know that my tears were coming down my face. Kisu came in and saw me. "You okay?" he asked as I nod. "Yeah, its not the first time we had to go through this." Recalling the time we burned our mom, our brother Daeil and Sungoh body. "We have to report to the council." "Yes and we have to get back our sister too." he nod. "What's the plan team leader?" he asked. "I guess go to the council first." he nod again. Both of us walked out of the room and gathered everyone to the van. I drove us to the castle we once visited before. Walking through the similar halls and into the room where the seven vampires were sitting. "Ahh, our Hunters are back but we our missing some?" the head one said. "Yes sir. I'm Cory the oldest Son. Our father died while battling the vampire you hired us to kill." "Yes, Yes. How did it go?" "One of your Prince killed him. Leo I believe." I said. watching their faces turn a happy grin to a serious face in second could scare somebody. "I see." He said. "Well Thank you for your hard work. Would it be okay to contact if the future if we have a problem?" "Yes it will be fine" I couldn't turn down business. He nods as we bowed and was about to leave. "Your sister is with our Price Ravi." The lady said. I stood there frozen and blinked twice. I turned to her and nod. "Yes she is. Since our last visit, she has been thining about him." She came down her platform and walked towards me. Her hands touched my face as I stared into her eyes. "There's nothing that could change her mind. Accept that she has fallen for him. Tearing them apart will only make things worst. My child. Here if you really need to know about her safety then go." One of her hand slipped a paper in my hand as the other left my cheek. The energy flow she left behind tingled through my body. I bowed to her and left with my brother. I sat on my bed and looked at the paper. There I saw the address that my sister was at.
WHAAAAAAAAT?! Was Ravi the one that had Lei at the neck, right? ! I think I get it now! The members of 24K plus the farther makes 8 plus tje lady is 9, the 9 that came when Leo was fighting Dongchul. So when Dongchul killed the leader, he killed their farther right? Why would Lei go with Ravi when he had a knife to her neck? So Daeil and Sungoh died as well? Cory was an ass for lighting the sketchbook on fire but I felt bad when Lei left with Master Ravi, Cory was just trying to protect their only sister. Now they lost their mother, father, 2 brothers and sister.
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