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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Yongguk and Himchan
Chapter 4: "COME ON!!!" I barked at Himchan with Anger. While Storming out into the pouring rain that night. "Yongguk, Wait! Where are you Going?" Asked Himchan from Behind me. "To Find the ones that did this to us!" I barked as I kept Stomping forward. "Do you even Know Where they went?" Asked Himchan while trying to catch up with me. Then we start hearing loud noises coming from the ally. "Here, please...take my money. Just don't kill me!" Screamed a voice. We run to the area where we heard the man's voice, and we see one of the Robbers there while he was mugging a man. "HEY, LEAVE THAT GUY ALONE!" Shouts Himchan. Himchan Runs to to man and Tries to grab him by the shoulders, and His hand go straight through him. "Yongguk, What's Happening?" Asked Himchan. "We're Dead, Himchan, Remember?" I said. Then the Robber Pulls out his gun getting ready to shoot the man. "NO!" I screamed! As I start to run towards him, the Robber Shoots the Man in the head. And then I grab the Robber by the throat and Push him against the brick building. While Himchan is making sure the man is okay, I start choking the Robber. The Robber Dies in my Grasp as his body collapsed to the ground, his ghost Stands up and Looks around while worried. "Who are you!? What did you do to me!?" He asked me in a panic. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" He Screamed. Me and Himchan just looked at him. Then we Start hearing Loud Screeching, and Growling noises. We See Solid Black Figures With Wings and Red Eyes. These Creatures Fly by us and Grab the the Robber and Drag him away as he Starts Screaming. "NO!!!" He Screeched. After they were gone, we went to see the man who got shot. His Ghost started to Stand up. He looked at us while Terrified. "Where Am I?" He Said in a shaking voice. The man looks at his dead Body and Starts Panicking. I put my hand on the man's Shoulder. "I'm So Sorry." I said to him with Compassion. "Where is she?" The Man Panicked "Where is my Little Girl?" He asked while looking around. "Maria?" I asked. "You Know her?" He asked me in a rush. "Yes" I told him. "Then Can you please Tell me where she is?" The Man Pleaded. "She won't be able to see you." Said Himchan. "I Need to see her! I need to know that she's okay!" He said desperately. "Please! Can you take me to her?" He Begged. "Alright." I said. We start to head back to Maria's Aunt's house.
I'm so sorry that it took so long for me to release this chapter, I had a little bit of Writters block, But I hope you enjoyed this chapter @P1B2Bear @StefaniTre @BabydollBre @Sweetnothing34 @SindyHernandez @aliahwhbmida @Purplehairedluv @Starbell808 Let me know if you want to be tagged in the next chapter
WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO POOR MARIA !!!! *flips tables * I really wanna know what happens next XD
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