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While watching the 2016 Rio Olympics it dawned on my that Jackson Wang could have been a national representative for China this year. Instead of seeing on a stage performing with Got7 he would be training for gold medals to bring back to China. I guess he probably would have also been doing that four years ago in London but it really hit me just now...and honestly I would like to see Jackson competing for gold, seeing his parents in the crowd cheering, and seeing that happy look on his face when he knows he's made his family proud.
Yeah but I'm happy he joined GOT7 and he's happy to he has amazing best friends and a really great career and I think that's better than winning gold
Maybe in another dimension he is doing it 馃槅.
He isn't the only idol athlete that could have competed in the Rio Games either.
@BangtansQueen Seriously though I had the same reaction
@HaiErin yay I'm not alone