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Hello fellow Melodies! For my first ever card about BTOB I've decided to do a Sungjae spam!
Just look at that Jaw-line and those abs!
He sure is adorable!
I'm new to this fandom but he is really adorable and cutw
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Welcome to the fandom @BiasKpop I think you'll like it here. In case you aren't aware, Sungjae is the Maknae. He's a seriously, goofy, weird, fluffy kid and he has the vocal abilities of someone 10 years older.
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Congrats on your first BTOB card! Sungjae is such an awesome kid. It's impossible not to love him.
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@Helixx yeah I'm super happy to be apart of the fandom it's really awesome any recommended songs I should listen to
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Great question. There are many great songs you should listen to. However, to start you off, I will tag you in a few cards. I do a song feature for the community. I'll tag you in the three cards I've done so far and then another one from their most recent Japanese release. If you'd like to be added to the community taglist, let me know. I'd be happy to add you.
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Yay to first BTOB card! Sungjae is a cutie pie!
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