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My favorite moment was when I got the opportunity to see Topp Dogg in concert last year.
It was my very first concert ever and me and my best friend were FRONT ROW! I can't even explain how amazing it was! Unfortunately..... Mt other best friend @KatieShiminski wasn't sitting with us. But she was there too! The last pic was one I found online but it's amazing because that's me (on the right) and my best friend (on the left). (And based on where Yano is looking I think I know who took it. XD)I recorded almost the entire concert. I put the videos on YouTube as well.... But I will say that the audio and video quality is horrible. My phone wasn't the best then. If you guys want to see them I can make another card with the links. Just ask me.
@XergaB20 So jealous right now!
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I hope so!!!