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Resident Ken Bug here! Sorry to everyone for my absence. I have been hit with a bad year starting off, so I have been in and out of Vingle, I'll try my hardest to catch up ♡

❥ Today's Card is Ken throughout the years (eras)

❥ With the release of Fantasy around the corner, I thought it'd be a grand idea to revisit the past eras to show the different concepts of VIXX.

Edited: (Shhhhh I'm an idiot but yall knew that. . since I just saw where they released the teaser. . .)

《Plus a bonus of when you possibly get on the leaders nerves. . .》

You have to read the whole card for the bonus tho. . .

❥ 2012 {SuperHero & Rock Ur Body.}

☆☆☆ His hair was awesome in SuperHero ♡

☆☆☆ I loved the choreography in Rock Ur Body ♡

❥ 2013 {On and On, Hyde, G.R.8.U., Girls Why? Only U, Voodoo Doll.}

☆☆ My most favorite concepts.

❥ 2014 {Eternity, Error.}

❥ 2015 {Love Equation, Chained Up.}

❥ 2016 {Dynamite}

☆☆ Definitely one of my favorites ♡

❥ Bonus: When you annoy the leader too much. . . .

☆☆ N please don't kill my love. Spare him this once hmm? I will save you Ken, I will drown, but I will save you. . .




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@MandyNoona @netchtiBates Yes!! it's adorable XD
lol aww
he's a cutie pie. !! awwwwe
@KAddict Yeass he has!! He keeps getting handsome too!! Bahaha he's a mess and a half! I love his sense of humor ♡
Ken has grown up so much 🤗🤗That bonus is so funny!! 😆😆 Silly ken, the boy who actually can't swim is standing just fine behind you! His sense of humor is amazing!!
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