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What's up guys, Its been awhile but I'm back to show off some idols luscious lips. Good Night

Dongwoo from INFINITE

Specifically for @StefaniTre

Jimin from BTS

I got you @amobigbang

Shownu from Monsta X

Jinhoo from Up10tion

I hope you guys enjoyed this little mini spam of these beautiful idols. Until next time...... Tagging you guys: @sherrysahar @Sammie99522 @lashonda0917 @P1B2Bear @mycreativename @HopefulHopie @lizochoa @DeniseiaGardner @FelicianaRomero @amobigbang @KokoroNoTakara @AlyssaGelet818 @KarenGuerra93 @loverofkpop @BackwardsRain @PrincessUnicorn Let Me Know If You Want To Added To The Tag List!!!
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@StefaniTre You're welcome💙💙
a year ago·Reply
oh lord...Thank you for this card..I'm in my heaven right now. ♡~
a year ago·Reply
Holy hell thank you @JohnEvans *bows* this is quite lovely! May I be tagged in the future 😍
a year ago·Reply
@merryjayne13 lol I'm glad you liked it
a year ago·Reply
I love guys with lush lips like Shownu bu Jinhoo's lips are like puffy lush lips ❤
a year ago·Reply