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| your pov Silence... That is all there was. Yoongi and I just stared at each other in complete silence. Yoongi broke the silence and decided to finally speak up. *Sigh* "The reason why I'm going after girls and breaking their hearts was because... Haha why do I have to tell you!?" I sighed and sat back in my chair slumped. I looked away from him and just spaced out. |Yoongi's pov She sat down and looked away sighing. Again the silence was coming back. But... I can't keep things to myself. The more I hold back, the more stressed out I get. I feel like a butterfly that has been caught and placed in a jar. I need to be free, because I won't last long in here. Suffocating and dying slowly for the lack of air. Should I tell her? Hah hell! she doesn't talk that much and she doesn't have alot of friends! I looked down ashamed of what I'm about to say. "Listen y/n, I'm going to tell you but I want you to keep it a secret. Alright?" ... I looked up and saw her. Her eyes were shining as if she's exited and telling me to trust her. Still, no emotion. Typical. "heh... Let's see how should I start?... Okay, so when I was in Middle school I used to like a girl named Sue. Wierd huh. Anayways..." (Heads up! This will be a bit long so sit/lay down, get some food, and enjoy^^) "Sue. She was cool, she always had a smile on her face, she had many friends. Back then I wasn't so popular. I was practically a loner, kinda... I had Jhope with me so yea. One day I was walking to lunch until many people went running towards the cafeteria, they all pushed me and so I fell down being left out. "Here let me help you!" I looked and saw her. The girl that I fell in love with, Sue. She held her hand out to me and smiled that made me feel special as if I was finally being seen. Once she helped me up we introduced each other. From that day on we became friends, she introduced me to her friends and Luckly they all taken a liken to me. I really liked her. I love her because she noticed me when I was invisible. No one else cared but her. On Monday, the teacher asked me and Sue to take the stacks of paper from our test to the office. When we got to the office, no one was there. It was just me and her. We placed the papers down and looked at each other. "Let's go back!" She said smiling. As she was about to turn I held her hand fast and made her face me. "I need to tell you something sue"-Yoongi. "What is it Yoongi?" -Sue "I-i-i-i really like you sue!"- Yoongi I shut my eyes not wanting to see her expression. "I-i like you too yoongi." My eyes widen in surprise as she said that. "Then, will you go out with me!"-Yoongi "Heh sure yoongi." - Sue At that moment, I was filled with happiness. From that day on we went out and became happy... Perhaps a bit too happy. Her parents decided to move to LA and stay there. We both eventually broke up And separated. We didn't contact each other. Our expectations and hopes went up on our relationship buts sadly it all crumbled down. I haven't seen her sense then, I still remember her beautiful red hair and piercing green eyes. I always think about her whenever i am ready to go to sleep. I think of her angelic face smiling at me..." 'Shit I'm getting emotional.' "And well, when I was around elementary or middle school, my parents always argue with each other. My father drinks and always comes back late and when he did, my mom would asume he was with another woman. They were screaming at each other with so much hatred that my mother got out of control and kicked him out... (gulp) She also said to take me with my father which really hurt me. Once we did, my father drop off his work and started drinking like crazy. Whenever he comes home, he abuses me and saying hurtful words to me like 'You're worthless, We don't deserve you, you were a mistake' and so on... At night, I snuck out and ditched him. I didn't want to feel pain no more. (Hint: From his dream) When I got away as far as possible I bumped into someone, and that someone was Hoseok. Yes he is my first real friend. I started living with him and told hi. everything about what happened. Later on I got a job, earned money, and rented a house. At school, I didn't want to be left out so I decided to play the bad boy. I got pretty popular so girls started coming up asking me out. I agreed but break their hearts in less than a month. The reason why I break their hearts was because they didn't noticed me before I became popular. I want them to feel what I felt... Heartbroken. heh I still am. So yea.." | Your pov Dang, I didn't know he went through all this. "Suga.." I said gently. He started breaking into tears and placed his hands over his face to cover him up. I really felt bad. I didn't know suga, The womanizer... was this kind of person... I softly grabbed both of his hands and lowered them down. I saw his face red, his eyes swollen, and hard sobs coming from his mouth. He looked at me and got reder. I grabbed his hands once more and placed them on my check. His hands were cold. I looked up at him and smiled. |Yoongi's pov S-she s-smiled! Is she okay!? "Hey y/n are you okay?" I asked. "Yes but I feel bad for you. I'm sorry. "T-then why are you smiling?" "...Oh I guess I didn't noticed... sorry." I let go of his hand and looked down. "No it's fine, in fact you should smile more!" He told me. I looked back up at him and nodded. I gave him a sweet smile with my eyes closed assuring him. | Yoongi's pov Once she nodded she smiled at me... She looks really cute. So cute. too cute! I just can't! | Your pov I saw him and he came in. His fingers gently touched my check then grabbed my face. " y/n." Was all he said after he kissed me all of a sudden.
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