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Que tal peeps!

It has been a while I know but I've been busy. I hope I can wrote more this weekend. I have so much catching up to do with my cards!

Anyhow thanks for all yall support!

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Mature Content

FYI this series is written all from Shorty's POV

Besos and Blessings up!

POV Shorty After the appointment I felt the need to be reckless. Yes I did go over a safety plan but I could care less. When I went home I took a long bath. I sipped on some tea and cooked lunch. I answered a few emails and watched some TV. Then the urge hit me again. I wanted to call Lee but I knew he was busy working and was about to pick up his kid soon. Finally I get the urge to call Jungkook. He quickly picked up the phone. After 40 minutes passed Jungkook showed up at my door. Before I could say anything he lifted me up and threw me on my bed. He was moving at a super human speed. The rush was turning me on. He rips off his jacket and my eyes widen as I see he had on no shirt. I run my hands on his arms. I lick my lips. I could tell he had been working out. He grinned as he studied my body language and then he rips off my robe and exposed my naked body. He grinned and began kissing all over my neck . I push him away. "What the hell Jungkook?" I say in a sexy tone. "Don't act stupid Shorty. We both know why you called me. I know it's wrong but I'm down for now." I pull out a condom and rip it open. "Well fine as long as we both know. No feelings just pleasure and no sleeping over." Jungkook nods his head. "Well no foreplay then. Just fucking." He grabbed the condom. I didn't know Jungkook the golden maknae could be so blunt and sexy. Who is this kid...I mean guy. Jungkook pins me down and growls into my ear and plunges deep into me forces me to adjust to his length. I grown and grip his hair. It felt so good. He moans as he goes in and out of me fast and hard. I thought I was about to lose my mind. He flips me over onto all four and continue to go at me with no mercy as he slaps my rear and say nasty things to me. I'm in bliss and I love this new Jungkook. "Call me Oppa!" He groans with authority. I was shocked and trying not to come so fast. He stopped and slapped my rear really hard. "Jungkook don't stop." I groan. "Call me Oppa. I am your Oppa so call me what I tell you." Jungkook says while pulling away from me. "Oppa, Oppa, Oppa. Please assault me some more! I need you." Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Prove it or I will leave." I quickly began giving him head. I know he said no foreplay but for some odd reason this is what I instantly did. I was pulling him deep into my mouth. He tossed his head and groaned. "Ah Shorty you are so desperate for your Oppa. I can tell." He says while holding my head and thrusting himself deeper. I thought I was about to die but the rush was the high I needed. He pulled away and glanced over me and he flipped me onto my stomach and began pounding me like there was no tomorrow. This was great. Jungkook was such a turn on. Did I do the wrong thing by picking Yoongi and Namjoon. All this time I thought I was turning Jungkook out but I was wrong. He's not a little boy anymore. Suddenly I felt myself climaxing and it was strong and Jungkook was coming right along with me. It was bliss. My eyes almost got lost in my skull and my lower half went nube for a few minutes. Jungkook was moaning so loud along with me. When we was finished Jungkook took off his condom and went to freshen up. He didn't even look at me or kiss me. When he returned he was texting on his phone. He threw on his jacket and winked at me. "That was nice Shorty. You know I'm just a phone call away and I won't tell unless you do something I don't like." "Is that a threat Jungkook?" I say while grabbing my robe. "Oh take it for what you want Shorty. We all know what type of woman you really are. I can see myself out." Jungkook left. I stood in my doorway speechless. What did he mean by all that? Was he calling me a whore? I try to shake off the conversation and focus on taking a shower.
I was at the guy's house for some event Jessamine was throwing for the guys. It was an intimate gathering. I had enough time to shower after work and get myself together. Work went well and it has been 2 weeks since Jungkook and I hooked up. Besides I was considering taking this job offer from YG Entertainment. I just needed a new atmosphere. Things were okay with me and the other guys. I did speak to them about going to therapy for relationship advice but nothing more. I did tell Jessamine about my whole story though. She was supportive and even went to my last therapy session with me for support. I made her swear not to tell anyone. When I walked into the party I know I was looking good. I felt like doing it big so I had on some pink pumps with a cute white fitted dress. All eyes were on me and I got so many compliments. I was on a high. I was eating some food and chatting with Tae and Hobi when I noticed I haven't seen Yoongi. I asked Hobi where was Yoongi and he said that Yoongi said he would be a little late. I stopped worrying and continued to enjoy the party. I excused myself to the bathroom to touch up my makeup. When I walked back to the party Jungkook stopped me to talk about some random stuff. It was an odd conversation. It seemed like he was trying to delay me from going back to the patio. As I walked back to the patio I seen this odd look.on Jessamine's face as she headed towards me but then I heard Yoongi laughing. My attention left Jessamine and went directly to Yoongi. He was sitting next to some girl. He was holding her hand. My heart dropped. "Um chica let's go get the snacks out the oven." Jessamine says while shoving me off the patio. I slam my hand on the kitchen island. "Who the fuck is that bitch?" "Um...that's Yoongi's new girlfriend. Her name is..." "Idgf what her name is. Why is she here? Did you know about her all this time?" I say. "Look I just found our about her when he walked in here with her. I asked Jimin did they all know. He said no. I'm thinking he kept it a secret. You know he's known to keep his ish to himself." Jessamine says while removing good from the oven. "This is fucked up. He knew I was going to be here." "Look I'm sorry chica. But do you remember about what Mrs. Kim said about moving on? Let Yoongi go." "We fucked after work two days ago and again this afternoon during lunch." I said trying not to cry. "What the hell chica. Yall need to get it right! I'm here to support you but you need to do better." Jimin walked in with Hobi. "Baby are those spinach rolls ready? I'm dying to taste them." Jessamine rolls her eyes at me and walks back out with Hobi and Jimin with the rolls. I was so mad. Was she throwing shade? Bit I was still seeing red from the act Yoongi was pulling. I count to 20 and them put on a smile. I sit down and pour a drink and chat with Jin. However, I just wanted to punch that chick in the face. She had an innocent look. She was like the girl next door. I hated how she touched Yoongi and how he seemed at ease around her. "So how have you been Shorty?" Namjoon said. "I'm good not that you really would care." I say while forcing a fake smile. I could Jessamine cussing at me through her teeth. But I roll my eyes and continue to eat and drink. "So Yoongi this is your new girlfriend I hear." I say while smiling. "Yeah she is my new girlfriend. She super sweet. You might grow to like her." "Ah we all do have dreams. Shoot for the stars." I sip my drink. "Well now that's out the way. Peeps let's move to the dinning room for dinner." Jessamine says while yanking me up.
3 weeks has passed and I had to call in from work. I woke up super sick and I couldn't hold anything down. I was still pissed off by the girlfriend thing. After that stupid ass gathering Jungkook and I fucked in his room. I was able to let all my stress out. Jimin must have told Jessamine that I called off from work and she was blowing up my phone. I told her how I was feeling. She asked me if I took a pregnancy test. I told her that I wasn't pregnant and I was still sick to that fake ass girlfriend Yoongi had. But she insisted that I take a test. She quickly came over with 6 different tests. For about 30 minutes I told her that it was no way that I was pregnant and that she was being over emotional. I just needed to rest and move on with life. "Look chica we need to be safe. If you know or think you are not pregnant then you should have no problem taking this test." "Taking the test means that I am entertaining the ridiculous notion that I could be pregnant. You wouldn't understand." "Chica I do. You know Jimin and I be going in like rabbits and Imma be real with you. Last month we both were in for a scare when I thought I was pregnant. Thank God I wasn't but taking the test has made us be safer and not act in the moment." "Are you serious? But yall would have super cute babies!" I say while grinning thinking about those cute babies they would make. "You need to be real with me. Who have you been with?" Jessamine had that serious look on her face. "Oh ok...I was having sex with Lee but we stopped a while ago. I have been only having sex with Jungkook and Yoongi." Jessamine shoved the boxes at me. "Take the test and move on." She was right. I need to do this and move the fuck on. I went to the bathroom and we wait for the results. I ask her to read the results because it was just too much for me. She walked back with her eyes closes and the sticks in her hands.............

Ah....things are going loco peeps! Until next time!

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I love the story!!❀ But the girl gets on my nerves!! I know you have problems but try to move on from Yoongi!! Your stronger than this!!!πŸ‘Š
@IsisMayaVelasco Thanks for reading!
I'm loving this story β€β€πŸ‘πŸ‘ Can you please tag me in the next upcoming chapters....Also how could you do me like that and leave me with so many questions πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
ahhhh!! things just got major
Damnit Jim!!!!! Aaarrrrggghhhh Seriously girlfriend stop letting Kookie and Yoongi use you!! You can do better than them!!!
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