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WARNING: Mild Language, Adult/Mature Situations
Who the hell is on my couch? And why are my dogs draped all over her?
Jun.k stands in the doorway to his living room, staring down at your sleeping body. He’s just returned home from tour. He’s tired and now grumpy to not only find you there asleep, but that his dogs didn’t come to greet him immediately. They are his sons, why aren’t they happy to see him home?
He stands there a few minutes more, walks a little closer and crosses his arms over his chest. One dog is cuddled in the front, while the other is snuggled up to your back, with a paw over your arm, his snout on your shoulder. He moves his eyes from his dogs to you. A smirk appears as the thought of you being Goldilocks crosses his mind. He glances in the kitchen to check for bowls of porridge and chuckles to himself when he sees none.
Enough of this nonsense he tells himself and with hands on his hips, he very loudly clears his throat. You stir, which wakes the dogs. They look up at their master, tails begin to wag, but they don’t move.
“Traitors,” he grumbles at them. “All it takes is a pretty face and you switch sides?”
He lets out an unhappy snort then tilts his head once more as he looks at you. The dogs are comfortable around you, they obviously trust you. They say you should never trust anyone a dog hates, and his dogs are very definitely smitten. As a yawn escapes him, he shakes his head to clear it and reaches down to shake you.
“Hey you! Goldilocks! The big bad grumpy bear is home, time to get up and explain.”
A hand shaking your shoulder rouses you from a really good dream. Right at the end the mysterious man in your dream starts to sound like Jun.k. You really like Jun.k, this is an unexpected, pleasant surprise in your dream. When you feel another shake your eyes blink open in confusion. You look around and see one, no, two white dog heads and long pink tongues that have begun licking you.
“Alright, alright I’m awake!” you laugh as you push them off you and the couch. Sitting up, you yawn and try to stretch out the new kinks in your back and neck from sleeping on the couch. Wow, was that ever a bad decision. You reach up and rub your fingertips through your hair, yawning once more. When you open your eyes, there are male feet in slippers, before you. Your eyes widen as you quickly look up to find the real Jun.k staring down at you.
She wakes up really nice, he’s notices. Nice breasts and a glimpse of a little tummy, he thinks as you stretch. He can’t help but smile when you rub your head and muss your hair up more. Yeah, he could wake up to that. He shakes his head at the thought; man, he’s more tired than he thought. Another little stretch from you and he realizes, maybe he isn’t that tired after all.
“Oh my…I’m so sorry, I..” you stutter as you try to find the words to explain yourself. You have to stop and think about it a minute, how did you end up asleep on his couch?
He raises an eyebrow, tilts his head, and folds his arms back over his chest. His biceps catch your attention, wow, what were you trying to remember?
“You were saying?” he prompts you.
“I…um, I don’t remember.”
“Let’s try this, who are you and what are you doing in my house?”
“Oh! Oh yes, I’m [YN], I’m the company pet sitter. I came by to feed your dogs last night and play with them a little. I sat down before I left to give them a little love and must have fallen asleep.”
Once you get started, you just keep on going, rambling on at the hot, sexy man in front of you. “I’m really sorry, I normally don’t sit on clients couches, or even touch anything in their home but they looked so lonely and sad. I figured they must miss you an awful lot, so I wanted to help them you know? It’s not part of my job but I couldn’t just leave them looking all pathetic and sad…you know?”
He’s standing still, just staring at you. “Wow, and all in one breath. Do you do any other tricks Goldilocks?”
You look at him confused, “Goldilocks?”
“Yeah. You know, Goldilocks and the three bears? Except I’m just one big bear but if you count my dogs, there are three of us.”
You’re still just staring at him confused; so he sighs and shoves his hands in his pockets. “You know, Goldilocks. She finds an empty house, tries all the chairs, all the porridge, all the beds, finds one that’s just right and falls asleep. Sound familiar? I even checked the kitchen to make sure you hadn’t left any porridge out.”
He’s smiling now and you’re frozen in place by the sheer beauty of it. You never get to see or meet any of the idols you pet sit for. They just leave instructions for their animals or you meet with their managers. You really hope you don’t get fired for this, you love your job.
He waves a hand in front of your face, “Hey, Goldilocks, you still in there?”
Sighing at your inaction, he bends down to greet his dogs who have been jumping around his legs since you pushed them off the couch. “I still say you’re traitors. Really? How could you not come greet daddy at the door?”
When he stands back up, you've found your voice.
“Oh, please don’t blame them. I was just a temporary fill-in, I’m positive you are still the only one in their hearts.” As if to disprove what you just said, the dogs come back over and sit by your feet. You look down at them in amazement.
“No, go to daddy, go see daddy!” You try to shoo them away but they just stay where they are, looking up at you adoringly with their tails wagging. Jun.k shakes his head and turns away from you, pulling his shirt off as he does.
“Uh, what are you doing?” you manage to stutter.
He looks back at you over his shoulder, “This is my home. I’m getting comfortable. Have you decided yet?”
“Excuse me?”
“If you’re staying or going. I assumed by the fact that you didn’t rush right out of here when I found you, that you might be interested in staying awhile.”
He looks you up and down, slowly taking his time, making his interest in you staying obvious.
You turn four different shades of red and hang your head in embarrassment. You bow to him, which gets him to turn towards you again. You quickly shift your eyes from six pack; “I beg your forgiveness. I didn’t realize. I’ll just be going now.”
On your way out of the room, he steps in front of you.
“Really? Because I don’t think that’s what you want at all.”
You swallow, not knowing where to look, as he is fully in front of you. He takes your chin in one hand, and turns your face back to his. His other hand comes up and brushes back your hair.
“What do you say we finish the story Goldilocks? There’s a big ‘just right’ bed upstairs you can try out. This time papa bear will join you.” The last words are whispered against your lips as his head gets closer and closer to you. On reflex you close your eyes as his lips find yours.
While his lips are soft, the kiss is not. It’s full of questions and looking for discovery. When he lifts his head, he gives you a heart stopping smile, “What do you say? Want to give me a proper welcome home?”
You can’t believe this is happening, to you of all people. Can you get fired for this? Will he tell your boss? Surely, he’s just playing with you, he can’t really mean what he’s insinuating. Can he?
“I’m sure you’re teasing me, I did apologize.”
Something flares in his eyes and he reaches down to pull your hips up tight against him. “I never joke when I invite a woman to share my bed. I was exhausted when I walked in here tonight, now it seems that you’ve awoken every cell in my body. Tell me Goldilocks, do you like playing games? Was this a game? To have me find you here when I got home?” He rubs against you suggestively, “If it was, I’m willing sweetheart; you won, let’s go. If not, I’m still willing, now what’s your answer?”
You aren't sure what to say. You know you should be offended by his words but for some reason his actions and hands are making it impossible to be anything but turned on. You put your hands on chest to push him away, or so you think. That was a bad idea, as your fingertips begin to tingle at the warmth of his skin under them. Instead of pushing him away, you find yourself marveling at and stroking his chest. You hear a little chuckle and look up to find him watching you, a smirk on his face.
“I’m going to take your actions as a yes. Stop me if I’m wrong,” and with that he pulls you fully to him, his muscled arms banding around you tightly. His mouth descends and any thought of gentleness is gone as there is now only lust and desperation from both of you.
Your hands move up and down his arms, finally finding their way up to his neck and hair. As he deepens the kiss, your hands fist and you pull him closer.
He grips your bottom and lifts you; your legs automatically wrapping around his waist. He lifts his head only long enough to mutter,
“Let’s go find that bed Goldilocks.”
Let's just say my brain had a really good imagination this morning, lol. On an interesting note, as the scene in my head got steamier, my UB said NO and took over for Jun.K, rofl. This story came about because I keep getting bombarded with pictures of a shirtless Jun.K, I figured he was begging for a story.
Cant fault your imagination one little bit. Nice little story to end my night with. 😁
A shirtless Jun K. can seriously make your imagination go into overdrive!😉 MmmmMmmm...yummy abs!😆
rofl...that's my specialty 😉 I'm sure your imagination can keep it going. 😚
how can you just end it like that OMG 😭😭😭😂😂😂
well damn.
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