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Alrighty here is another one shot. This is posted a little later than usual so this week voting will go till next Friday. No story will be posted this Monday coming up and 2 will be posted on the Monday after voting closes. So vote for 2 and the top 2 will get a story. Also Mature content provided by @Princessunicorn if you like it go read more of her amazing stories!!! Missed previous stories? Xuimin - Fluff Chanyeol - Fluff Kyungsoo - Fluff Lay - Smut


Why did I like him? Well I knew why I liked him. We were pretty close being best friends and all but I pretended that I didn't have any feelings for him for that main reason. It was easy. well at first it was. Then one day we were talking and things got real. "Why do you have to keep this bad boy rep?" I asked "Because girls like bad boys." "Tao not all girls like a bad boy." "Name one?" I thought about it for a second. "Ok fine most girls do like the bad boy.Its hot. But being a sweetheart always makes the girls want you more." "So you like bad boys?" He smirked "Yea, I mean like I said it's hot, even sexy. But I want to be with someone who won't end up in jail one day because he wants to keep his cover of being a bad boy" "I would never end up in jail." He said taking a step towards me. "Why don't you show girls the good side to you? I get to see it and I bet you'd get a great girlfriend. " "Because I only want you." I froze. My stomach did flips and my heart started beating faster. "W...what did you just say?" "I don't want to show any other girl this side of me. Only you." He was closer to me and we were staring into each other's eyes. "Don't play with me." I finally managed to say. "I'm not. I have liked you for a long time." " have to be lying to me." "Why do you think I'm lying?" "There is no way you like me. I mean look at me." "I look at you everyday. You are the closest thing to perfect for me. I love your eyes, your nose." He poked my nose. " Your lips" He traced my lips with his finger. I was getting excited by him touching me. I let out a shaky breath. "I'm..not...." He cut me off "Shh I'm not done yet. Your cheeks are amazing" He cupped my cheek with his hand and then moved his hand to brush my jawline. "Your well defined jawline, I bet you could kill with it." He smiled I was trying to keep my cool but for some reason my lower region was making me want to do something to him. He trailed his finger down my neck and landed on my collar bone. He lowered his face closer to my neck. "The things I could do to you." He whispered His breath hit my neck and a jolt of lust ran through me.
"Oh the things I could do to you." He whispered. His breath hit my neck and a jolt of lust ran through me. Seconds later my lips were on his and I could barely think of anything but Tao. His soft pink lips, his sculpted body, his big... My mind was interrupted when Tao suddenly pulls me away from his lips, grabbing me by the neck. "Easy there baby. Let's take it slow hm?" The last thing I wanted to do was take it slow but the dark glint in Tao's eyes made me just want to submit to any and every thing he wanted. I nod slowly and he smiled at me before slamming me into the nearby wall. The pain in my back is almost unrecognizable as lust takes over my body and I moan loudly as he pins my hands above me. His other hand squeezes around my neck as he kisses me with so much force my head spins. It was a bit of a surprise how rough Tao actually was but I was definitely not complaining. He pulled away from my lips, both of us heaving for air. "You're so freaking perfect Y/N. I don't know why you can't see that." I smile embarrassed by the way he's staring at me like he wants to eat me. I lean my head forward, staring right into Tao's dark eyes. "Show me then. Show me what you see...bad boy." I whisper letting my tongue swipe his nose. I can see the affect of my words as Tao presses against me roughly. I feel his member through my panties and suddenly we both have too many clothes on. He grinds against me and the friction is almost unbearable as he nibbles on my ear. The room starts to heat up and I really want to get his clothes off. Tao seems to have the same idea and releases my neck but keeps his grip tight around my hands. He bends down on one knee and grabs the hem of my gym shorts, yanking it down along with my panties. I moan in anticipation of what he's about to do. My thoughts are proven correct as Tao's tongue licks up my clit and then dive into my folds lapping at everything it comes into contact with. My legs shake and I grab his hair in pleasure pushing his tongue further into me. His hands are now on my hips holding me up as he eats me out. My whole body feels like it's on fire when his tongue is suddenly replaced by a finger. I tried to slow my breathing to no avail as he fingers my folds that's now slick with his saliva and easily inserts his finger into me. He seemed to be looking for something until "AHH...FUCK TAO!" I almost push him away from me when he massages that bundle of nerves inside me. I screamed in ecstasy and cum, juices spilling onto his hand. He seems taken aback from how hard I came but then looks at me smiling like the proudest guy on the planet. I would most certainly hit him if my head wasn't still spinning. I grab Tao's arms and raise him up needing someone to anchor me. He laughs softly and leans forward to give me an Eskimo kiss. I don't have enough energy to do much more so I just let him sweep me up and carry me to the bedroom getting rid of all of our clothes. Tao carefully places me on the soft sheets face down. I snuggle deep into the pillows eager for sleep to take me. My eyes snap open and I moan loudly as Tao ,without warning, slowly presses himself into me. Inch after inch I accept until he is fully inside me. I grasp the sheets underneath me as I raise my body up from the bed. My voice is inaudible at the first snap of his hips. I struggle to find my breath, Tao's cock literally leaving me speechless. I hear him growl deeply and clench around him. "Oh fuck Y/N. Do that again for me." His words spar me on and I move up on his member until I feel the head at my entrance, then move back forcing his entire cock back into me. I steadily form a rhythm and all I hear are Tao's moans of pleasure which only make me clench tighter. He flips us over so that he's over me and drills into me with insane skill that almost makes me pass out in pleasure. "You're even more beautiful like this Y/N. Underneath me getting fucked." Tao grabs my legs and holds them apart to gain more access and its like he's a train as he slams into me. I feel the heat in my core and with one more slam I cum screaming Tao's name. Its not long before he pulls out of me and cums onto my stomach, spilling his white seed. "Fuck. Oh shit Y/N." I motion for him to kiss me and he does happily. Sure Tao put on an act sometimes but I knew the real him. I always have. So let everyone think what they want to think about him because it won't change my opinion. He was my best friend, my now boyfriend, my bad boy.
Alright so all that's left of the members is.... Chen Kai Sehun Suho Baekhyun Luhan Kris Type of story: Angst, Fluff, Smut
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