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Chapter 16 ************** Nisha and I never made a noise or moved a muscle as he was standing infront of us. It was hard to tell what intention was. We waited  for the boys to come back. "Little one!!!" Master N voice boomed through out the house. "Areum!!!" Master Leo called after Master N. I gulped as the tears formed in my eyes. I missed him. It was to risky for me to answer. My old master pulled out a gun and pointed it towards the entery way. Master N stopped in mid step. Master Leo ran into his back and looked at what was going on. "Hello gentlemen" he said. Master N, Master Leo, Master Ken, Master Ravi, Master Hongbin and Master Hyuk entered the room. "Put the gun down and lets talk." Master N said calmly. My old master clicked the safety lock off and pointed it to Master Leo. Before he could shoot Master Leo. I dodged infront of the gun and took the bullet. The Master fought with my old Master. I fell to the ground as blood was flowing out of the wound. "Areum!!!" I heard Master Leo screamed my name but everything was faint in the background. All I could here was ringing in my ears. "Areum, stay with me. Don't leave me" I looked at Master Leo. I raised my bloody hand to his cheek. It left a blood mark on him. It was getting harder to breathe. "I-I-I love yo-u-u" I told him as my eyes became heavy. "Areum stay awake please." I could hear him tell me but I blacked out after. ~LEO P.O.V~ I held her in my arms. I couldn't move, couldn't do anything. All I could do was hold her. "Leo its now or never" Ken came with doctors equipment. "I need to get the bullets out but to save her you need to give her your blood." "No I don't want to turn her just yet. Do what you haven't to but I'm not turning her without her approval." I said. He looked at me and nod. He started his work on taking the bullets out. "Ken!!! Doctor Kim is on her way." Hyuk said as he handed Ken packets of blood. "Negitive O blood for her I.V" Ken nod and attached an I.V to Areum arm and handed it to me. "Here make yourself useful." He said. I held the packet in the air and squeezed it. So the blood can go to her. One by one, Ken took out the bullets. But the blood wasn't stopping. "I'm here!!" Doctor Kim voice called out as she rushed to us. "How is she?" "I took all the bullets out but the blood keeps coming." "Thats fine. We just need to apply pressure to the wounds." She said as she placed gauze to Areums wounds. I replaced the second patch of blood. As they tried to stop the flowing. Eventually the flow slowed down and we were able to move her somewhere else. I placed her on the bed in her room. "I'm so sorry that I didn't protect you" I whispered to her as I moved a piece of her hair back. I gentlely kissed her forehead and left the room. I went down stairs to see Ken in the kitchen with Doctor Kim. "Why do I feeling that I'll be seeing you guys more often?" She asked as I took out a cup and poured water. "Hmm because your stuck to us now. So get use to it. I mean with Nisha being pregnant and who knows when Leo will get Areum pregnant and now Ravi has his mate. Yeah I'm sure you will be seeing us often." Ken said smirking at her. "Mate?" She asked confuse. "Yes. As Vampires we have slaves and mates. Sometimes our slaves are our mates. But other time it like Ravi and his girl." "So for me to understand its another word for lover or spouse?" "Yes" "I see. What about you have you found your mate?" She asked Ken. I choked on my water because Ken and all of us knew who his mate was. Ken glared at me to tell me to be quiet before turning to Doctor Kim. "Yes I have found my mate." "She a lucky girl then." Doctor Kim said but her expression looked a little down. "She is very lucky." Ken muttered and silence filled the kitchen. "What's it like to be a creature of the night?" She asked stirring her coffee in her mug. Ken and I shared a glance. "Its not so bad. We can go out in the sun but that rarely. All of those myths you thinking of aren't true." Ken said. I decided to take my leave as they continue their conversation. I made my way back to Areum room but stop when I saw the new girl sitting there near the window, looking out. She wasn't with Ravi. "Why did you come with us?" I asked her. She jumped and turned around to see me standing behind her. "I just had a feeling of needing to." She said. "Is he always two face? I mean he being a playboy with the smirk and then becomes a beast if you say the wrong thing."  "Its the spell. If you want to know about it, you have to talk to him about it." I told her as I left to go back to Areum room. I opened the door to see her sitting up and playing with her fingers. Our eyes met and she gave me a small smile. I was glad that she was awake. I sat on the edge of the bed and cupped her cheek. "Don't ever do that again or you will be punish. Do you understand me" I spoke a little rough on her but I needed my point cleared with her. She nod. "Is he dead?" She asked. I knew she was either talking about the master before us or Dongchul. "Who? The asshole that shot you or the other asshole that started all of the shit that we been though?" She took a minute to think. "Both?" "Yes" I gave her a simple answer. "Why didn't you turn me?" She asked after a few minutes of silence. I looked at her eyes. I studied all of her. She made my heart beat faster. "I didn't turn you because I wanted you to live your human life until we mate. Plus I don't think I could bring myself to do it while you were dying in my arms." She nod. I couldn't take it anymore as I crushed my lips to her. "I love you Areum" "I love you too TaekWoon." She said as I pulled her close and held on to her as she was the last person on earth.
@SuniWilcox yes he does 😂😂😂 not telling who but he does 😂😂😂
wait Ken has a mate?! did I miss something?! I love Leo's decision. Ravi and lei are gonna be great
It's the doc...I'm sure of it.
@Princess2425 😂😂😂you're welcome!! I'm glad you enjoy reading my stories. Yeah its going to be one roller coaster ride with Lei and Ravi. 😂😂😂
Yay bad guys are dead!! Woohoo!!! Im totally with Leo in understanding to wait to turn Areum. I can just tell this is going to be quite the roller coaster with Lei and Ravi! Loved the second update! Than you! 🤗