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'W' plans Special episode
according to soompi W plans to have a special 100 minute episode showing clips of the previous 7 episodes, it was made for the people who missed the first airing and are having a hard time catching up so that they can stay on top of this hit drama.
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I just started this drama on Viki. And im already hooked. But I only watch the first two episodes because I dont want to upgrade to the viki pass. I'll just wait. lol
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@JarviaKlipka there is a site called kissasian and it has all the episodes 1-7 fully subbed and it's free
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@kpopaddict16 lol i know that website i just tend to use viki or dramafever more. lol
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@JarviaKlipka I can't afford viki and drama fever lol so I stick with kissasian lol
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lol i can afford the rookie on dramafever but i cant afford both lol
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