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Hurray! Chapter 17! For last chapter, sorry to have teased you. Not sorry I wrote it ;) But I hope you enjoy this next chapter.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 16
Word Count: 3134
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
The following week, Rose was needed for help with three other bands. Fortunately, BTS only needed her help with the maknaes for one day. That Saturday, Yoongi came over in the morning and slept until evening. Because of what happened last time, he decided to keep it strictly sleeping for at least the second time. This time, however, he stayed for dinner. He spent the next week trying to think of something to give her as a thank you for letting him stay there. He couldn’t think of anything. Everything seemed either too romantic or not enough. Another week passed and this time, something presented itself. There was a small amusement park that always had one ‘celebrity’ day. It was closed to the public, only celebrities and their invited guest were allowed in. He decided to ask her to come. He could always disguise it as an outing with BTS, but the invitation would come from him.
Yoongi: “Hey, Rose. I was wondering if you were free on Sunday? Not for another sleep day, I promise, lol.”
He waited anxiously for her to reply. When his phone dinged, he picked it up excitedly.
Rose: “Are you not going?”
Y: “Going? To what?”
R: “To the amusement park.” {Dammit. Someone already invited her. It had to have been Namjoon}.
Y: “I am, someone invited you already?”
R: “Yeah, Namjoon invited me this morning.”
Y: “That’s good then. So you’re going?”
R: “Yeah, I thought it sounded fun. I actually haven’t been to an amusement park in Korea. Last time I went to one I was...15? So, I’m looking forward to this”
Y: “Well, I’m glad you’re going. I didn’t know one of the other guys was going to invite you, so I’m just glad you’re going. It’ll be fun. going with it a date?”
R: “What? No. We’re not like that. He invited me to go with the group, not with him”. Yoongi breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever Namjoon’s actual intentions were was irrelevant. He asked her as a friend. If he had asked her on a date, Yoongi would’ve had to back off.
Y: “Oh, sorry. I thought you two were...y’know”
R: “No, we’re just friends...does everyone think that?” {Uh oh. Dangerous waters}.
Y: “I can’t speak for everyone else. It doesn’t even really look that way, it’s just you two seemed close. I thought you guys liked each other. But I guess that’s good then” Yoongi realized what he texted too late. {Please don’t think about it...}
When Rose received the text, she was taken aback at first. Then she composed herself and decided he was just talking about the park. {That’s all. He just wants to make sure all of us friends get to hang out...that’s the only thing he could’ve meant}.
R: “Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll hang out with everyone. Though I may get pulled around a bit. GOT7 and EXO are going so I may chat with them a bit. But don’t worry, Namjoon invited me for you guys just before Jackson and Kyungsoo could.” {Great. Now I feel like an idiot. I’m probably the last to invite her. I really need to think of a good gift... At least she didn’t catch on}.
Y: “Okay then. Is it still okay for me to come over Saturday?”
R: “Of course. But fair warning, Nina will be here. I’ll make sure she keeps it down, and keeps her mouth shut of course. She shouldn’t be a problem, as long as it’s okay with you.” {As long as you’re there...}
Y: “That’s fine. I’ll bring some chocolate, maybe that’ll bribe her”
R: “Perfect idea. Dark chocolate is her favorite. And if you find those ones that have orange or strawberry flavoring, it’ll definitely work”
Y: “Got it. Well, I have to work on some lyrics again, but I’ll be on the lookout for that. Thanks. I’ll message you later, k?”
R: “Sounds good. Fighting!!!”
Y: “Fighting!”
Yoongi POV
I set my phone down and sighed. {Namjoon invited her. Yes, for all of us, but he had been the one to invite her. That’s probably his way of asking her out without actually asking her out... But since it’s not official, I still have a chance. I have to let her see that I don’t have to be ‘just a friend’}. I put my head down on my desk and groaned. {What have I gotten myself into? I shouldn’t like her for so many reasons. First, she likes Namjoon and Namjoon likes her, they just haven’t gotten the courage to say anything. And now I find out that Hoseok likes her too, but I don’t think he’d ever tell her. Second, she’s definitely not the type of girl I ever thought I’d fall for. I’ve always liked the quiet, sweet ones that were shorter than me...and younger...and Korean. I’ve always liked being the ‘oppa’. Why would I fall for someone so opinionated, so closed-off, and so different physically than any other girl I’ve crushed on? Not to mention she’s my noona. I always thought that’d be weird...but now that I'm here, I don’t seem to care about any of those things. And third, and most importantly, I should be focusing on my work, not some girl. I mean, we do end up working together, but she’s got me so wound up that I can’t think of the songs I’m supposed to. I can only think of stupid, sappy love songs. And how to get her to see me}.
I mussed my hair, frustrated. I still need to think of a gift. {Maybe I’ll figure it out before Saturday. For now though, work}.
Namjoon POV
I paced back and forth in my room. I’d been doing that almost all day since Rose accepted my invitation this morning. {I need to know how I feel about her. Maybe this will help}. Jin walked in.
“Joon, you okay? You’re walking a hole in the floor.”
“Huh? Uh, yeah, fine. Just got a story for a song working through my head. Every time I try to focus on it, it just gets more confusing.”
Jin closes the door and sits on his bed. He patted the empty space next to him. “Sit down. Maybe I can help.”
“Uh, sure, hyung.” I sat down. It wasn’t too strange for him to do that. Sometimes when I got stuck on a song, he would just listen to the story I had in mind and give me opinions on the direction. He didn’t even have to say much, he had this uncanny ability to somehow know what I was trying to say, even if I couldn’t find the words. {He’s going to ask about the song. How can I tell him about my problem and make it sound like a song...}
“So, what’s the story base?” I looked at Jin, ready to tell him the story I had turned my problem into.
I furrowed my eyebrows. “What?” He was looking at my suspiciously. {What’s his deal?}
“Waiting on you.”
“Hm. Well, the story. I don’t really have it all together, but this is the gist. The story is about the feelings this guy has for this girl.” Jin smirked at me. I gave him a ‘what’s wrong with you’ look and he just shrugged his shoulders. “So anyway. This guy likes this girl, or at least he thinks he likes her. But he can’t figure out how he really feels. I know I want to say how he feels his heart race, but he’s confused. do I say he talks to her and sometimes when they’re together, they’re close enough to touch. And he felt butterflies at first, but now it’s not quite the same. And it isn’t like he lost interest, he just isn’t sure how he really feels or even how he felt at first. He wants to be close to her, but he doesn’t ‘need’ to be, you know what I mean? He wants to be more than friends, but that way. And she’s definitely attractive. He finds her very attractive, but... ugh, you see my problem? I don’t know how to write it.” I was rambling through most of it, but I just hoped that Jin took it as frustration, which it was, just not in the way he may think.
Jin was still smirking. “I get it, and I see the problem. The confusion, he loves her but he doesn’t love love her. You should get this Namjoon, you’re a genius. That type of love, isn’t really a typical love story right?”
“What do you mean?” He really was confusing me. {How does he see something I don’t?}
“There’s more than one type of love, right?” I nodded my head. “Then figure out the type of love. A man can love a woman without wanting to physically love her, contrary to pop culture. That’s something you said before. You just have to decide how you want the story to go. If you want to turn it into a song, you probably need to change the story. But for real life, you should probably figure out how you feel about her.” I nodded my head again. {Wait—what?}
“W-what do you mean? Of course this is for a song. I need to change the story a little, that’s all.” I was so flustered. {I knew I was doing a bad job of covering it, but I just hoped he didn’t pry}. Jin patted my knee and smiled encouragingly as he stood up. He walked to the door and turned around just before leaving.
“You should figure out how you feel about her, before you mess it up. For you, her, and you-know-who. If you want advice, don’t be afraid to ask. I won’t tell anyone else. Just, don’t say it’s for a song. I saw through that the last time. You didn’t listen, and look how it turned out. Both of you walked away. If you do it again, that’s not fair to any of you. But be sure first so you don’t lead people on you don’t mean to or give people the wrong impression. Okay? I’m here if you need me though, Namjoon.” And he left, closing the door behind him.
I sat there in shock. {He knew. He knew everything, probably the whole time}. I laid back on the bed and groaned. {But he’s right. I need to figure out my feelings for her. I have to know how she feels. And Yoongi. I have to figure it out. It could be a disaster: if we both back off, if neither of us back off, if we don’t really feel the way I think we feel...or if she doesn’t feel the way I think she does. It’s possible that she likes someone else, or no one else. UGH!!! This is a mess!!! Sunday. Maybe Sunday I can figure out my feelings, or at least start}. Suddenly I felt like Sunday was too close...and too far.
Narrator POV
Yoongi came over at the same time he always did and everything went the same as it had been. But this time, Nina was here. As soon as Yoongi closed the door to the guest room Nina dragged Rose downstairs.
You were being serious?” Nina asked incredulously.
Well, yeah. Did you think I was making it up?”
I just never thought I’d live to see the day that you’d have a guy over to the house.” Rose punched her in the arm. “Ouch!! Bitch!” Nina laughed rubbing her arm.
It’s not like that, so stop it.”
Riiiggghhhttt. You have your bias and crush over to the house how many times now and nothing has ever happened?”
No...” Rose trailed off, her mind wandering to the dream she had about him. She hadn’t had one since, in fact, it’d gone back to the nightmares. But the dream still lingered in her mind. Nina immediately saw through the deception.
Liar! Something happened, didn’t it? What happened?” Rose hadn’t told Nina about the dream. She wanted to tell her, Rose knew that Nina would be happy about her having a dream, but at the same time, she knew Nina would harass her about the contents of the dream.
It wasn’t really anything...”
But it wasn’t nothing, right?” Nina’s eyes were full of excitement as she spoke. She pulled Rose to sit down on the couch. She grabbed Rose’s hands and stared powerfully into her eyes. “Tell me everything.”
Rose wrenched her hands out of Nina’s grasp. “First of all, that was super creepy. Don’t do that again. Second of all, there’s not much to tell.” Nina opened her mouth to speak, but Rose cut her off. “But I know you won’t leave me alone until I tell, so just take a chill pill.” Nina straightened her back and put her hands on her lap like she was in a business meeting. “Okay, don’t do that either.” They both laughed. Rose glanced at the second floor and lowered her voice. “Look, you can’t tell anyone, ok? Not even Yoongi, ok?
Not tell Yoongi? Did something happen he didn’t know about?” Nina looked confused. “Plus, I have to tell Julie. You know that, right?” Rose sighed.
Yeah, whatever. Just keep it quiet.” Nina nodded and then did a motion like she was zipping her lips and throwing away the key. Rose looked up at the second floor again. “We accidently almost kissed.”
WHAT?!” Nina screeched and stood up excitedly. Rose pulled her back down to the couch.
Shut up!!!” Rose whisper-yelled. She looked at the second floor again. “It’s not what it sounds like, though. I was showing him the room, I leaned in to check something, he turned to talk to me, and our faces were right in front of each other.” Nina was shaking excitedly. “But nothing else happened. We backed off as soon as we realized.”
Nina had a smirk on her face. “And how long did that take?”
...A...couple...a couple seconds...” Nina squealed and squished Rose’s face between her hands.
It took that long? That means that both of you had to be thinking about something. I mean, you I understand, you’re crushing majorly on him. Him, though...maybe he feels the same.”
That’s not it. He’s a guy, I’m a girl, it’s got to be just a natural reaction.”
While I won’t deny that fact, I bet there’s something more to it. He sleeps at our house on Saturdays now. He’s gotta be saying something with that.”
Yeah. Like he’s tired.”
Nina rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You’d deny a guy liked you even if he straight-up told you he liked you. You’d never believe him.” Nina dropped her smile. “I know Angie messed you up pretty good about trusting people, but not everyone is like her.”
I know, it’s just...” Rose sighed. Nina patted her on the back.
But,” Nina’s eyes lit up again, “you still have to tell me whatever it is that I’m not allowed to tell your boyfriend.”
Don’t call him that.” Rose smacked Nina on the shoulder.
Whatever, you baby. Tell me what it is I’m not allowed to tell your friend who’s a boy.” Rose gave a playful glare.
After everything happened, I worked for a bit and then went downstairs to watch some movies. And...I fell asleep...” Nina gave a ‘go on’ look. “And I had a dream.” Nina looked at her confused. “Like, an actual dream, not a nightmare.”
What?” Nina exclaimed excitedly. “What was it?”
I don’t really remember...” Rose trailed off. Nina gave her a look and Rose knew she wasn’t fooled. “It came off as a good dream though.”
Was Yoongi in it?”
“...I...think so...” Rose said carefully.
Bullshit. You know so. Clothes on or off?” Rose’s face turned bright red. “Both? One of those dreams where he’s already your boyfriend? Or a naughty dream?” Rose’s blush turned a deeper red and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Naughty?! You actually had a sex dream? About him? How steamy did it get?”
I—“ Rose sighed in defeat. There was no more point in her protesting. “My phone woke me up.
What? Really? That sucks majorly. Did you at least ‘get some’ in the dream?”
What? I’m just asking.”
Ugh, I knew this would happen if I told you.” Nina frowned.
Hey. I know that I tease you, but I’m just happy for you. You’re going through everything that normal females go through. Things you didn’t get to experience because know. I’m just glad that after all this time...things are starting to normalize for you. Whether or not he likes you back, or anything happens, it’s good that you can experience something like this. You never had a chance. Those bastards took away too much of your life. And then that bitch...” Nina was getting pissed just thinking about what had happened. Then it was Rose’s turn to comfort her.
It’s okay. What happened, happened. And you’re right. A lot of stuff was taken from me. Now, I’m just taking it back. Even if... it doesn’t work...I just want to live like everyone else. I can’t go back in time, but maybe I can start overcoming it. I know I’ve been doing pretty good so far, but maybe this is the turning point. I mean, that was the only time I had a non-nightmare dream, but maybe I’ll eventually start dreaming like a normal person.”
You? A normal person? Not likely.” Rose pushed her. “But I know what you mean. And who knows, maybe your Yoongi is your lucky charm. Too bad you can’t just ask him to sleep with you. And before you hit me—I don’t mean it like that. I just mean lying next to you.”
Yeah...too bad...” Rose mumbled. Nina smirked.
Nina sighed dramatically. “You’ve got it bad for him...
Shut it.” Nina just laughed.
I’m playing.” {But really, you do}. “Now, don’t you have some work to do?”
I’m gonna take a little break from it. I finally grabbed that book I’ve wanted for forever so I’m just gonna read it in my study. Let me know when you feel hungry, you know I’ll be in my own little world.” Rose stood up and Nina shooed her off.
Go, you bibliophile. I don’t wanna catch your illness.”
I think you did already. Using words like 'bibliophile'.” Rose laughed as Nina threw a pillow.
Away with you.”
Yes ma’am.” Rose headed to her study. She stopped in the doorway and glanced at the bedroom Yoongi was sleeping in. Her stomach did a small flip. {I do have it bad for him...} She grabbed her book and laid comfortably on the couch, turning to the first page.
Poor Yoongi just a step behind. And poor Namjoon being so confused, lol. Clue bus for everyone!
So, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you again for reading my story. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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