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First off AGFDJHFHGFK Jongdae is finally getting recognized for his musical prowess *wipes tears* On the other hand WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING SM?!?!?!?! WHERE THE HELL IS DO IT TOGETHER!!!!
Ok *takes deep breath* I'm a reasonable person but I will NOT accept this...Do It Together was lit ok!!! We finally got a rappers unit and I was actually waiting for Suga and EXO to kill me this month...but alas it looks like the song is not added to the album (unless they've changed the name of the song)

I honestly think SM should try gambling a bit by releasing Do It Together... So what do you guys think about the additional track list???

Damn it! I thought that Do It Together was awesome. I felt the same way about Full Moon 😿😿😿 I love seeing the rap line songs. I mean the vocal line got a song to themselves on Ex'Act. It's only fair!!! Ok now I'm pouting.
And I didn't even like the remix😿 yes I am the rare EXO-L that doesn't just LOOOOOVE everything they release.
@clandrea170 I thought of something else. They already released the remix on ITunes! Since they did that , they definitely should have put Do It Together on the album ! Boooo SM boooo!
Awesome! @Anjelika
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