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The song was mix by James F. Reynolds is a British guy who makes beats for lots of people like snoop dogg and more...look him up! I just can't bear to see people get mad when they don't know how the music business works馃槕 No hate! I'm a big fan of them as I bought the album馃槉
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However the question is did Big buy the beat. If so then it belongs to Big Hit. This source provided does not say if Big Hit owns the copyright. But in most cases big companies do buy the copyrights to beats.
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it's been bothering me since I saw it and I kept trying to tell myself it was just normal but even if it is, I still don't like the song, it actually made me cringe with our without the familiar background music
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@MadAndrea yeah, the video was super cringe worthy even if he used the beat for I NEED U
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@SimplyAwkward I stand by my disliking the video. Does he deserved to be sued? I dunno. But I'll be leaving my thumbs down on the video anyway. It sucked. Not saying he deserves to get sued, maybe he didn't infringe on any rights, but I strongly dislike the mix of the song anyway. I'd have disliked it regardless of I Need U.
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I just listened to the song and while the back melody is the same as I Need U, the producer has layered other beats on top making it a new song.
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