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Yes, that's what I said! Over BORED! It means I'm bored out if my mind! I list my "new" job about a month ago, I've been job hunting as soon as I knew sh!t was gonna go down, and I haven't gotten one call for an interview since. I can hear you all thinking "start a hobby!" but let me tell you, it's hard. There are SO MANY things I really want to do now because I am a hands on person and I have a great imagination. I wanna sew my own clothes, make my own juices, get some food items for healthy meals, make my own confectioneries, make my own shoes, etc. As a Jamaican, I can afford nothing. We can hardly afford food and we owe a bit of money that we can't manage to pay back up to this day... sigh. So I'm just stuck at home every single day binging on tv series, running up the bills and emptying cupboard and fridge. All my friends are too busy or too far away and everyone is having financial issues, and my husband is at work every day, which leaves me with nothing to do and no one to talk to. All this leaves me over bored... But I do try. I enrolled in a very interesting free online course, I write myself motivational notes, I do belly dance exercises when I'm not feeling overly lazy (I need to get over that), I do my hair and nails, and I binge watch tv series. So everything is fine. I hope something will come through for me (us) very soon.
it's with coursera
What online course did you sign up for? I love those free courses too!
Ooo, that's like a sales/marketing job?
Naa...It has to do with influencing people both in business and personal life
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