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Okay, so a back story to my UB:

It all started in 2012 when Amuse Ent. decided to bless the world with

Cross Gene. ♡●♡

I was still fairly new to the kpop scene, and in college. A few months prior to Cross Gene's Big debut, I was diagnosed with Cervical cancer at the age of 21. I was feeling down, alone, depressed. Kpop was my healing journey and helped me get over the challenges I was facing.
My first UB, Kim Sangmin, is a lovely guy. I adored everything about him, from his personality to his smile. He held the throne for years. Surprisingly, (I know), that Seyoung was not the first UB for a few years. I loved him yes, but Sangmin had the key to my heart and held the #1 throne for 2 years. (Sangminnie Bear, you're still my love) To know Cross Gene, you have to love them all. They all bring different aspects to the table. I bias the whole group, but Seyoung and Sangmin are my UBs.

Continuing on:

When Shooting Star released, I only noticed Sangmin. Yes, the other 5 bebes were there, but I only had eyes for him at the time. As time went on, and they started releasing more vids, Seyoung slowly started unraveling my list; bit by bit.
Shooting Star is one of my favorite songs, so naturally it would be on repeat. Paying Homage to the YouTube gods, I'd have that video on repeat. Seyoungs eyes spoke to me, saying, "Bish you thought you had a concrete list. You will love me, and my awesomeness." LIKE the peasant I am, I bowed down. . . after crying a river of course. . . I went back through every video: music, variety and short clips to watch what I was blind about for the longest time. His personality really spoke to me. He's funny, he's a goofball, has the voice of an angel, and absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous. His laughter is one I could fall in love with over and over ♡
~ Amazing Bad Lady {The Holy Grail of all Videos} This was what shut me in my coffin and nailed me shut. After Seyoung wrecked me and my list, I was his forever. I mean I know I am a catch, so him biasing me is a honor in its highest degree. ♡♡

Why am I still your Bias Seyoung? Because I'm awesome of course!!

Just Kidding!

But Seyoung is still my UB because I'm certain he's an angel.

When Cross Gene Debuted in 2012, they had a different lineup. {J.G, Casper, Shin, Takuya, Sangmin, and Yongseok} J.G decided that he didn't want to be in Cross Gene anymore after they debuted. He instead wanted to become solo and left them. The boys were broken and there was serious talk of them disbanding. They had just broken out into the kpop scene, so there was alot of uncertainties if they were going to continue. . . That is until Angel face appeared, and worked his tail of for them.
Angel-Faced Lee Seyoung, put his everything into the group, so the boys could still live out their dreams. He had just finished his military service when he joined. After seeing his hard work, the members named him Miracle Gene. {Name well suited for him}
Not only is he still the UB because of being an angel, but because he's highly talented. Seyoung has that particular husky styled voice I love so much. He blows any song he sings out of the water. ♡ The 2nd and 3rd Video are his OST from the Drama Witch's Castle. . . Just let me cry a bit because his voice is beautiful ♡ (one has the Mr removed)

He's still the UB because his smile could cure any ailment. . .

《Stills are not mine. Cr. to original owner》

He's Low-key savage ♡

He's a goof. . But he's in a brotherhood of goofs, so it's natural ♡

《Stills are not mine》

These are a few of the reasons why he's my love ♡

@KpopandKimchi thank you for this challenge ♡♡

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I'm fairly new to Cross Gene. I learned something about them from your card.
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