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Happy Slouchy Saturday~

I am back again with another chapter for you guys! I hope you enjoy it! XD
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 4 - 'Are you hot?'

Yugyeom's P.O.V
"And 5, 6, 7, 8!" The music turned on and the seven of us started dancing to our latest single. We all worked hard as it was the last run-through of the day. Step-by-step, we were completely in sync as we danced, making the choreographer present happy with our performance. When the music ended, I collapsed on the floor, exhausted as the staff applauded.
I placed my hands on top of my forehead as I breathed heavily when I was rudely interrupted by Mark pouring water on my face.
"Yah!" I yelled, wiping it off with my shirt, revealing my skin underneath. They all laughed at me as I dried myself off. As their backs where turned I went and grabbed another water bottle and poured it on Mark, laughing after I did so.
He turned around and after yelling "Maknae!" he chased me around the practice room until he caught me and dumped water on me once again. The others were just laughing at us, not wanting to get involved in our water war.
We were both laughing as he hugged me, making sure that I got wet. I pushed him off lightly and waved him off as I collapsed back on the ground, tired from running around.
I started laughing when I noticed that Mark was now chasing after Jackson to give him a hug as he ran away from him. He caught up to him and Jackson screamed at how drenched he was.
"Well now that you guys have worked hard today you are free to go home!" The choreographer yelled, interrupting our shenanigans. We cheered and applauded. I got back up and bowed to our staff that were there with us, thanking them for being here today.
After everyone left, we gathered our things and headed back home.
We walked in the door and I dropped onto the couch, laying down as the rest of them went to the fridge to get food. I stared at the ceiling, the events from yesterday replaying in my head.
Na Ra seems like such a sweet girl. It's horrible that she passed away so young. But, she seems like it doesn't bother her a whole lot - like she has just accepted it.
I sighed.
'I will just have to make him fall for me!' What was that all about. Who needs to fall for her? Was she talking about one of us?
"Do you want some food?" Youngjae asked.
"Sure. Not too much though. I'm not too hungry." I responded. A few minutes later, he brought a plate over to me and I thanked him for doing so.
"So..." he started.
"So..." I laughed. The other members also started to gather around the TV as they all got their food.
"What was up with you last night?" He asked, making me confused.
"What do you mean?"
"You practically ran up the stairs smiling like a little teenage boy who was talking to a girl they like." Jackson joined in.
"R-Really?" I stuttered, trying to hid my nervousness while I was eating my food.
"Who is she?" BamBam asked, wiggling his eyebrows.
"I-It was no one!" I failed at keeping it cool. They all oohed at my reaction.
"That just makes it more suspicious!" Mark said.
"Come on, you know you can tell us!" Junior teased.
"I am telling you...it was nothing! I wasn't talking to anyone." They all seemed disappointed at my answer.
"So you aren't going to give in?" Youngjae asked. "We will find out sooner or later!" I rolled my eyes and laughed at how nosy they were being.
We all finished our food and quickly cleaned up. Some of us went up to our rooms while I stayed down stairs with Bambam and Youngjae as we watched our latest episode of Weekly Idol.
"Ah, I am so sad I wasn't able to make it with you guys." Bambam commented, as the section of us playing the ladder game appeared.
"It's okay, you were busy. It's not your fault." Youngjae commented.
"Yeah. You can make it next time." I added on.
"Well I need to. I need to show my dab more. I'm killing it with the younger generation. Like it's my thing now! I am the dab king!" He said, dabbing as he said it. We both laughed at him.
"You will get to dab, Bambam," I said, while laughing. He continued with a ridiculous amount of dabs as he stood up.
"Haijima! You look like a fool!" Youngjae said.
"I am a fool." He started laughing along with us. He sat back down and we went back to watching the show.
As the ending scene was on the screen, we were excited to have made it through a whole episode when the TV suddenly turned off.
"Ahhhh!" Youngjae yelled. Bambam went to check the TV.
"It's not turning on." He explained as he kept hitting the on button the remote.
"Is this a-" I started, the lights turning off as I spoke. "-power outage."
"Well that answers that question." Youngjae answered.
"Aish, what do we do now?"
"Hey guys!" Someone yelled from upstairs.
"What!" I yelled back.
"I found something!" We went up the stairs, curious as to what he could have found. Mark came running out of his room, revealing a board of some kind.
"Is that a...Ouija board?" Jaebum asked. Mark nodded.
"It is! I found it in my closet. It has the pointer and everything!" He cheered excitedly.
"Should we play it?" Jackson asked, clearly interested.
"Hmm, I don't know." Junior answered.
"We have seen some pretty bad horror movies of these going wrong. What if we summon something we shouldn't have?" Youngjae asked.
"Ah come on!" Bambam egged on. "That's all fake! This is just for fun. It's harmless! Plus the power is out so we should do something..." He smiled. We all stood in the hallway, deciding if we should dare to test our fate or not.
"Well I am going to do it, with or without you guys!" Mark decided, starting to walk downstairs to the living room.
"Wait for me!" Jackson yelled, running after him.
"I'm not sure about this..." Jaebum said.
"Yah! Save a spot for me!" Bambam exclaimed, following the other two. The four of us, glanced at each other.
"Aish..." Junior sighed and started to follow after them.
"It should be okay...right?" Youngjae asked, sounding nervous as he left.
"Come on, Yugyeom," Jaebum gave up, deciding that being with everyone was better than some of them doing it alone. I followed behind, trying not to fall around in the dark.
When we reached the dining table downstairs I laughed aloud at the set up. They put the Ouija board in the middle of the table and started lighting candles around it.
"Really? Candles?" Jaebum asked, laughing at the ridiculous situation.
"What...it's for ambiance." Jackson exaggerated.
"Yeah, got to make the spirit feel welcome." Mark added on.
"This is crazy!" Youngjae exclaimed, hesitant to take a seat at the table.
"Aww...is our hyung afraid?" Bambam teased. "Afraid a little ghost is going to come out and scare you?"
"N-No!" He denied, clearly lying. Half of us reluctant, we sat down at the table and waited for the rest of the candles to be lit.
"Okay, so it says, that we all have to place our hands on the pointer...thingy and ask the ghost a question." He explained. "Okay, everyone, hands on!" He exclaimed. All seven of us placed our hands on the planchette (what is it actually called).
"Who wants to ask the first question?" Mark asked, glancing between the rest of us.
"I will!" Bambam exclaimed. He breathed out. "Dear ghost, if you are here with us...please give us a sign!" He yelled.
"Oh my god, this is so cheesy." I laughed.
"Shut it!" Bambam retorted. We waited for it to move. "If you can hear us...please move the piece..." He asked again, hopeful. We sat still for a minute and nothing happened.
"This is ridiculous. Obvi-" At that time the piece moved.
"Who is pushing?"
"This is not funny guys!"
"I'm not pushing it!"
The pointer moved over to the H and then slowly moved over to the I. Hi?
"Okay, fess up. Who moved it?" Jaebum asked. We all shook our heads.
"I didn't," I confessed. 'Me eithers' echoed around the room as we all denied it.
"This isn't really happening is it?" Jackson said excitedly.
"Should we ask it another question?"
"Are you dead?" Jackson asked. The pointer slowly moved to the YES on the board.
"Obviously the person is dead you idiot!" Mark yelled as the rest of us laughed at the ridiculous question.
"Are you...a good ghost?" The planchette moved back to the yes answer.
"What if it's lying?" Junior asked. We all started to get nervous.
"Okay, this isn't that fun anymore." Youngjae said."What if this gets bad really fast?"
"Well we can't turn back now," Bambam explained. "I feel like we would make it worse if we suddenly left. We should keep on going." I nodded, agreeing. Youngjae sighed.
"Are you...a girl?" Mark asked. Objections echoed from everyone at the silly question when the pointer moved to YES.
"Are you hot?" BamBam asked.
"Yah! What are you doing asking that? Are you hitting on her?" Jaebum yelled.
"What...I want to know..." The pointer moved to YES.
"Well even if she isn't she has a lot of confidence about it." Junior said, making some of us laugh.
"Should we ask what her name is?"
"Is that too personal?"
"I mean we just asked if she was hot, so I don't think so."
"What is your name?" I asked, curious if it was the same person I was thinking about. The planchette started to move.
"A..." We all stared at the board.
"Na Ra?" Junior asked, his eyes widening. At that moment, she appeared in front of me, floating above the table. I jumped out of my seat, startled at her appearance.
She gave me a small wave.
"What is it Yugyeom?" Jaebum asked. I looked at the others and noticed that none of them were looking at her. Am I the only one seeing her right now?
"Only you can see me Yugyeom, remember?" She suddenly said. I sat back down in shock.
"Are you okay?" Jackson asked. I nodded my head, making the members suspicious.
I glared at her.
"What, I can't have a little fun?" She asked me.
"No!" I responded out loud. She stuck her tongue out at me while the other members stayed confused.
"What the hell is wrong with him?" Mark whispered.
"I have no idea," Youngjae responded.
"Yah, pabo." Na Ra called out to me. "The other's are giving you weird looks. Just put your hand back on this stupid thing so I can answer more questions for them." I glared at her again, my eyes not leaving her face.
"Ah come on. It's harmless! You know that I am a good ghost and that this isn't just some prank by one of them. Just let me do this for them okay?" She begged with her eyes. Reluctant, I nodded, placing my hands back with the others.
"Let's continue." I said, making the others look at me weird. "What?" I asked, feigning innocence.
"Are you taking drugs or something? Because you were acting like an actually crazy person," Bambam asked.
"Aniyo! I am just...never mind. Let's just continue." I stated, shaking off their doubt.
Maybe I can find some things out about her too while we do this.
Let's just hope things don't get too out of hand, otherwise I am going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Ooo, a Ouija board!

What types of questions will the members ask Na Ra and will she respond truthfully to all of them? Will she reveal herself to the other members?
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the next chapter! XOXO
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