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Since Simon and I had actually picked a wedding date, we needed to plan our wedding now. My wedding party was maid of horror my sister Samantha. My Braid-maids were, Hoody, Honey J, and Jay's baby mama, Je'Naye. Yeah that right, Jay knocked up his girlfriend, which brought us closer.
I told Jay if he doesn't propose to her by our honeymoon was over, I would beat him with a sandle. He said he will think about it at the very least. Simon's party was his younger brother, E-Sens, Seonghwa (Gray), Hyuk Woo (Loco), and Jay was his best man.
My father agree to give me away, if he could make it. If not it would be my brother Lance. My mother threw a fit about not being part of the party. I just reminded her it was my day, and I didn't care what she said or think.
She didn't have control over my funds either. Since it was my father and I, that were paying. I did run everything by Simon first, but normally I let him rest in peace as he worked. I was looking over things on my tablet, as I waited for Simon to finish his schedule.
He was killing it on stage, like always, as I watched back stage with the other managers. All the talent was on stage, either goofing, dancing, dj-ing, and performing. When they were done, they came running off the stage.
Simon pulled me into his arms, and crushed his lips against mine. He was dripping in sweat, but he loved how I wasn't grossed out by being in contact with him like that. I playfully licked the sweat off his cheek, earning a smile from him, and an 'ew' from Min Taek (Elo).
"You don't know how hot it is that you do that." I winked at him, as I smiled warmly. "You know I could always lick you clean later, instead of taking a shower together." I whispered in his ear, and got a soft growl out of him.
"I love when you're the one that in the mood, because you know how to get me started." I giggled softly, before showing him the tablet. "I think I found a location." He gave his mic to Hyuk Woo, before looking at tablet.
"Isn't that the rooftop of Royal Corp, here in Korea?" I nodded my head as I show him the photos that were sent to me. "My sister said we can use it. She would put up fancy tent if needed due to weather. This way we can have the security we need for our wedding."
He walked while looking at the photos. "I can actually see it." He got went one photo too far, resulting in my snatching is quick. "Careful, My dream dress is on there. I would like to be able to wear it." He smirked, before leaning in close to me.
"You mean the dress you will only be wearing for a couple of hours. You do know once we're married, I will be ripping it off you." I smirked, whilst playing with his shirt a bit. "You know, that brings up a sweet matter of, when the fck are we going to fck. The last time we did it, was August. I'm dying here for that D in Dominic."
Simon laughed, as he pulled me closely and play with a strand of my hair. "I love you so much right now." Our lips brush against each other, as we heard someone clear their throat. "I hate knowing korean now." We looked over to see Chase standing there.
"You said you wanted my help with the planning, should I wait til after you two are done?" I push Simon away to go over to Chase. "No I can wait a little longer for him." Simon gave me a back hug and snuggled up to me. "Sure you can..."
He kissed my cheek, before going off to join the others. "You know you should wait, til after the wedding. That way if he knocks you up again, you'll be married." I shook my head as I laughed lightly. "Maybe, I'll keep that in mind."
Chase and I walked around looking over everything together. "Has that dress you drew even been made yet?" I shook my head, as Chase crossed his arms. "Okay send me that drawing, and with Jay's help I can make it possible."
I tackled hugged chase, making him laugh. "Thank you! thank you! thank you!" He patted my back, and kissed my head. "Anything for my little sister." I grinned at his words, feeling so very loved. "You got to send it to be though."
He pointed to the tablet, as I quickly sent the photo of the drawing to his phone. "What that done... come with me." I giggled softly as Simon picked me up bridal style, to carry me away. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you are hinting at something."
I wrapped my arms around his neck for security. "Its cause I don't want to run the risk of losing you again. My sweet bad girl, I love you, and I have to admit. I am terrified of losing you." I could understand his fear very well.
I was almost sent to jail, and almost gone from this world. "KiSeok oppa, I'm scared of losing you too. You're the reason I keep coming back. I already am living for you." Simon got us to the car, and put me back on my feet. He didn't let me get into the car though.
Instead he took my tablet, put it on the car roof, and pin me between him and the car. "We're you the one that said, She wanted the D?" I bit my lip to hold back the smile that wanted to appear from excitement.
I could feel my heart starting to race, as my body warm itself up with adrenaline. "Oppa, Don't tease me." He smirked, while tucking a strain of my hair behind my ear. "I'm not teasing, just making sure that what you want. I do have another question for you. Car or Bed?"
I took a deep breath, as I looked around. "Car, I don't think I can wait." Simon slapped my butt, making me yelp, before handing my tablet back to me. He than open the back door of the car for me. "Then get in..." He got in first as I got in next, and closed the door.
I put the tablet in the driver's seat, before Simon's hands started to explore my body. "O-oppa..." His lips had found their way to my neck, while hand hands were under my shirt. He made me sit on his lap, as he moved slowly.
I whimpered as he held me close to him. "I'll give you what you want, since you were so honest. I even let you pick the location, but we're doing this my way." I was speechless, as I just nodded my head. "I love that you're such a good girl for me."
I kissed his lips, as Simon pulled off my shirt, after unhooking my bra. He really was taking his time with everything. He had me lay down and started to kiss all over my body. It so very sensual, and was making me feel so loved.
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