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Hello to all! I know, I know. You're probably thinking~ "This is so random, I wonder what's up." Well my dearest readers, THERE'S A MAJOR CRISIS ON MY HANDS. Lemme explain.



Fanfic style though. Yes. I am in the middle of an outright war with @KpopBeat after she blamed me for the horrible tragedy in her fanfic's latest installment! D:< I will not sit back pretty and let her get away with ambushing me! So I'm fighting fire with fire (pun intended at the end :3)! YES, THIS WILL GET FLUFFY! NO, I WILL NOT HAVE CHILL.


So please sit back and enjoy this wonderful oneshot with Yoongi! :D Now, you may be also wondering, "Why Yoongi?"


“No. Absolutely not. Why would I? Hell no,” she repeated firmly as she moved around the apartment, picking up the clothes on the ground. “Why not?! Please? You gotta! You said you would!” another softer voice trailed behind her and openly whined. “Yaah! I never said such thing!” “Jojo!” the girl stopped and pouted. “You so said you would and you have no choice but to tag along because you owe me for once!” Jojo scoffed, “I owe you nothing, child! Listen to your unni for once! How many favors have I done for you?” “Ugghhhh! This is why you're not fun!” “Sailynn, seriously? No fun? We came to Seoul together, and we're planning on heading to Hawaii at the end of the year, and yet you're saying I'm not fun?” Sailynn ambushed Jojo with a tight hug, “Please!? I just need you to tag along so it wouldn't be so awkward that it's just me hanging out with them! Pretty pretty please! You can find a quiet somewhere and just chill there, you don't have to do anything!” Jojo stared at her maknae sister for the longest time before caving in with a long dreadful sigh. “Fine. When is this..... what is it?” “It's a hang out at the carnival with the guys!” Sailynn beamed brightly. “We're going to the carnival? Seriously? Why can't we go somewhere quiet like the library?” Sailynn shrugged, “it's only a one time favor, you can-” “It better be a one time favor. Are they all going?” Jojo asks, finally breaking free from Sailynn's now awkward hug. Sailynn continues following Jojo around, “Yeah, they said it would be a nice way to take the day off.” Jojo stops and turns to Sailynn, “Then I'm going to take Jinie and we're gonna go food sampling.” “No can do Mojo Jojo, Jinie mentioned he was going with Hobi to the petting zoo across the road because Hobi didn't want to get pressured into going onto a roller coaster again. “What? So who am I suppose to hang out with?” Sailynn's expression darkened as a mischievous grin grew across her lips. “You can hang out with Yoongi-” “No.” “What? Why? You two get along! It'll be just one day!” “No because you keep trying to set me up with the guy!” Sailynn giggles, “I would never!” “Look. You kids go out and have fun, I'll go and find a quiet spot to read or something, I don't know, I'll figure it out when we get there.” Sailynn jumped up and ran to Jojo with open arms, “Oh, thank you so so much! I owe you one!” Before Jojo could reply, Sailynn ran away and shut herself into the room to get ready. “Crap, what the hell did I agree to?”
The warm summer sun shined brightly down on the pier, making the carnival rides themselves reflect off the sunlight and create a kaleidoscope of colors. Children ran ahead of their parents, teens walked in groups, and couples took their time looking at each post. A brief hello was exchanged between the boys and the two girls before everyone went their separate ways. Hoseok immediately pulled Jin towards the petting zoo before any of the members could sink their claws into him, Yoongi disappeared into an unknown part of the pier with his camera, and Sailynn took off running after the maknae line when they began to call out what rides to get on first, leaving Jojo with Namjoon for a brief second until he got distracted and too wondered off. “There's seven guys in this group.... did I seriously just get ditched by everyone?” She grumbled then kicked a near by stone and made her way around the crowd, looking for a quiet place to sit. After walking around in a circle and failing to find some shade, Jojo gives in and walks to the farthest bench on the pier, leaving behind the noise of screaming folks and laughing counterparts. She fans herself for a few seconds then wipes the sweat off her forehead. “I'm going to kill her for making me come out here. It's blazing and I'm wearing all black. She could have at least given me a warning of how hot it would be. Jeez, never listening to me, always dragging me to places, ugghh.” She continues fanning herself, swearing under her breath continuously, debating whether or not to just plunge into the ocean and somehow turn into a mermaid. Her lips curl into a grin at the thought, “that'd be the life, right?” “What are you doing here?” She bends her head back and sees Namjoon standing behind her, his eyebrows lifted in heighten curiosity. “I'm actually wondering that myself,” she answers, straightening her head. He walks around and takes a seat to her right, “aren't you hot in all black?” “Yeah, but that's all I have in my wardrobe right now. Sailynn says I'm subconsciously still going through my emo phase.” He glanced at Jojo and grinned, “she did? That's an interesting observation.” “She's an interesting child, try living with her for four years and counting.” He continues smiling and turns back towards the ocean. “How come you're not at the carnival having fun?” “Because it's hot and moving around would only make it worse.” “Then why did you come?” “Sailynn asked me to.” “Does she influence you a lot?” “Unfortunately, yes.” He chuckles, “it's okay, our maknae does too.” Jojo snickers along with Namjoon, imagining how cute Jungkook would look trying to be as evil as Sailynn is with her. “What are you guys laughing about?” They both turn at the sound of another voice and see Yoongi approaching them. “How our maknae and her maknae are very influential individuals,” Namjoon smirked. “Sailynn? What does she do?” Yoongi replied, taking the only available seat to Jojo's left, leaving her stranded in the middle. “She just doesn't have a lot of chill,” Jojo answered. Yoongi stares at them, completely confused by the conversation until he shrugs it off and starts fidgeting with his camera. “Get anything good?” Namjoon asked, leaning forward to make sure Yoongi heard him over the crashing waves. “Yeah, some stuff. It's a nice day so the elements are being good to me.” “Nice day? It's scorching hot,” Jojo complains under her breath. Yoongi looks up to look at her, “why are you wearing all black?” “Is everyone going to ask me that today? Black is all I have in my closet!” Jojo retorted. Yoongi shook his head then returned his attention back to his camera, bringing up to his face to take a couple of pictures of the ocean from his angle on the bench. Namjoon stands up looking at his phone, “I'm gonna go find Jin and Hoseok. Jin is texting me saying Hoseok went into hiding after they saw the reptile section.” Jojo grinned, “there's a reptile section in a petting zoo?” Namjoon shrugged, “apparently, I don't know.” Yoongi chuckled to himself, “given the choice between killer roller coasters or killer snakes, Hoseok still couldn't avoid staring death in the face. Need help finding him?” Namjoon shook his head, “nah, I don't want the others finding out and teasing Hoseok.” With that, Namjoon dipped his head and left, running towards the petting zoo. Jojo snickered under her breath, making Yoongi glance over to her for a brief second. She stood up and walked over to the edge of the pier, leaning against the wooden railing to let the ocean breeze cool her down. She hears the clicking sound of a camera and turns her head to watch Yoongi snapping away at the ocean, walking from one edge of the pier to the over. “Do you ever get tired of capturing the same thing?” Jojo says, amused by his concentration. “Should I? Not every photo is the same. Sometimes the wind blows, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes there's a bug in the frame, other times it's someone walking by,” he respond with the camera on his face as he made his way towards her. “I guess you have a point, it's just-” The clicking sound went off. Her eyes widen immediately. “Did you just take a picture of me!?” “What? No,” he smirked, pulling the camera down to look at the screen. “Delete it, now,” Jojo growled, turning her to him. He looks up quickly and snaps another picture, “there we go, though, you're not one to smile for a camera are you?” Jojo lunged at him, aiming for the camera and missing by a hair. “Delete it Yoongi!” He laughed, “why? I'm just taking pictures, it's not like I'm going to publish them or anything.” “It doesn't matter. I didn't give any consent to let you take one of me!” He snorts, scooting further back away from her, “like I need it.” “Yaah! Delete it!” She lunged one more time, pushing him backwards hard enough to knock the camera out of his hands and send it flying over the rail. Her eyes popped out of her socks, as a loud gasp left her lips. Yoongi ran over to the edge, looking frantically for any signs. “Damnit.” “I'm so sorry,” Jojo said, running to him to help look. He ignored her and began taking off his shoes, shocking Jojo with his intentions. She reached out and slapped his hands away from his socks. “Idiot! You're not jumping over the rail! You'll get hurt! I saw stairs a bit back, we'll go down and search for it.” Yoongi gives Jojo a hard look then sighs deeply and picks up his shoes, brushing by her as he made his way to the stairs. She trailed behind him and kicked off her own shoes when they reached the bottom.
“Aishh, I knew I should have said no. It's all her fault,” Jojo mutters under her breath when she sees Yoongi several feet ahead of her with no sign of him wanting to communicate. She runs to catch up to him, “Yoongi, please, I'm really sorry. I'll buy you a new camera if we can't find it.” He brushes her off again and slips underneath the pier to begin his search. Jojo heads to one side and joins in on the search, feeling guiltier and guiltier every passing minute she fails to see it. The waves crash around her legs, working their way higher and higher she was knee deep in the water with her jeans sticking to her. “Don't wonder into the ocean too much, you'll catch a cold.” She turns around to look at Yoongi, “I don't care, you're the one who should stay on the land. You don't need to be getting sick with your busy schedule.” “I could care less.” Jojo rolls her eyes, “you should care. It'll worry the others and your fans.” “I think I'm more afraid of what Sailynn may do to me if you catch pneumonia or something for letting you help.” “Afraid of her? She's evil but she wouldn't hurt you.” He smirks, “I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about the influential part.” Jojo giggles, “okay, makes sense.” The sky began to hint changes of different hues by the time they stop to take a break. Yoongi lays back on the sand, draping an arm over his head and closing his eyes. Jojo sat next to him, digging her toes in the sand when she tucked her knees in to wrap her arms around them. “I'm really sorry, Yoongi.” “It's okay.” “I promise to buy you a new one.” “No, it's okay.” “Seriously, it'll be exactly the same. I shouldn't have attacked you like that.” “Drop it, noona. It was my fault for taking your picture.” “What? No. Don't blame it on yourself!” “It was just my back up camera anyways. I left my nice one at home.” “But still, all the pictures you took-” “It doesn't matter. We can just come back again later on.” “Seriously, Yoongi. I'll buy you a new camera. Just tell me which one it was and I'll cover everything. I know how much it means to you.” Yoongi removed his arm from his face and sat up, staring at Jojo directly in the eyes. “How about we make a deal?” “A deal?” Jojo repeated. “You don't have to pay me anything or buy me anything under one condition.” Jojo raises an eyebrow, “which is?” “Go on a date with me.” Her jaw drops. “A what?” “A date,” he grins from ear to ear. She stares back at him, blinking twice to check she wasn't imagining anything. “I rather buy you the camera, thank you very much. I don't do 'dates.'” He leans in closer to her, making her automatically respond by crawling backwards to create a gap between the two of them until she tears her gaze up and away from him, wincing when a dark familiar object captures her attention. She jumps up immediately and runs to it, smiling instantaneously when she makes out the object as Yoongi's camera hanging from one of the horizontal beams. “I found it! Yoongi! Your camera!” Yoongi appears beside her, looking up at the camera. “Now to get it down.” Jojo looks around for a stick, turning back to Yoongi instantly when she hears a random whipping noise caused by now shirtless Yoongi jumping up and using his shirt to knock the camera off the beam. After a several attempts, he successfully pushes it off the beam, catching it right before it hit the sand. He hands Jojo the camera to hold as he slipped his shirt back on then took it back to clean off the small specks of sand on it. “There, it's found. I'm still sorry for making you drop it though.” Yoongi approaches her, holding the camera towards the sky to check the lenses, “Like I said, it's okay. It was my fault too.” “Seriously, don't say that,” Jojo frowned. Yoongi glances at her, pulling the corner of his lips up to a half smile before bowing, “thank you for helping me.” Jojo bows back, keeping her head lowered to deeply apologize for losing it in the first place, “I'm glad you found it.” “Jojo.” She lifts her head, “Hmm-” Yoongi's firm hold around her waist pulls her in for a kiss, catching her completely off guard as she freezes on the spot. He lets go and pulls back, biting his lip to contain his overjoyed smirk. Her hands automatically reaching to cover her mouth the second he released her completely. “Thank you-” “What was that!?” Yoongi shrugged, the smirk no longer contained. “Come on, let's get back to the carnival. The others may be looking for us.” He walks around her and heads towards the carnival without any hesitation. “Yaah! Answer me, Min Yoongi!” Jojo barked. Her hands quivered while she followed him. The mere sight of him gave her goosebumps like never before. She had never seen Yoongi as a potential partner, nothing more than a friendship until he started being kind to her not long ago. Showing her a side of him that she had never expected to ever see from the way he was around the rest of the members when she was around them too. Sailynn had caught on immediately when Jojo began to pay more attention to Yoongi, but she knew that if she ever admitted anything to Sailynn, her maknae sister would pounce on her on the spot and drag her to set up a date with him. Though Jojo knew that Sailynn knew about what she thought of Yoongi, the only thing that holding Sailynn back from sinking her claws into her was the fact that Jojo kept threatening her by spilling her secrets to the boys and denying any kind of evidence that Sailynn dug up, even denying any kind of feelings she felt when she'd see Yoongi. “Yo! Over here! I found them!” Jimin yelled loudly over his shoulder as he ran up to Yoongi and Jojo. The rest of the members followed with Sailynn in the mix. “Where the hell did you guys go?” Sailynn asked in a fuming voice. “I thought you guys got swallowed up by the ocean! Or even worse, crazed fans!” She kept a firm stare on Jojo, eyeing the way she kept dodging her eyes. “I lost my camera and we went looking for it, luckily it was hanging off one of the beams under the pier. Took us all day though.” Yoongi answered calmly without a single expression in his face. “Still hyung, you had us worried,” Namjoon spoke up. “We looked everywhere, both the carnival and the petting zoo,” Taehyun explained. “But never the beach even though I suggested it,” Jungkook shook his head. “It's getting late, we should eat something before heading home,” Jin commented. “I'm going to the restroom first.” Yoongi said. Jojo cleared her throat, “I'm going to go wash my feet.” And left without another word. Sailynn stuck to her like glue, following her from a distance behind until she was far enough from the guys to talk without them overhearing them. “Are you okay?” Sailynn asked slowly, leaning against the wall as she watched Jojo lean down and rinse her feet with a small hose outside the changing stalls. “Yeah, why wouldn't I be?” Jojo replies, still keeping her head down to avoid the burning stare from Sailynn. “Because when you usually hang with Yoongi, you're always bickering about something, and right now, you're quiet as a guilty mouse. What happened?” “Nothing, I just helped him look for his camera.” “Lies.” “Seriously!” “Look at me.” “I'm washing my feet, I got sand in my pants-” “Look. At. Me.” Jojo grunts then stands up straighten and looks down at her maknae sister. “What.” Sailynn inched closer, carefully observing Jojo's facial features. “You're creeping me out you weirdo.” She stops, “Tell me something.” “What?” “He kissed you didn't he?” Jojo's heart jumps, instantly making her turn away to wash her other foot. “Nope-” “He kissed you didn't he!” “No-” “Holy shit yes he did!” “It wasn't like that!” “You don't deny it!” “What? Of course I do-” “OMG, I never thought I'd see the day!” “Shut up!” Sailynn hugged Jojo's back, “Details! What did he say? Did you kiss him back? Are you two dating?! What was it like! Where did it happen? When? How!” “Stop it!” Jojo fumes, tearing Sailynn's arms off of her. “Nothing happened. We do not speak of this, and we never will. We're not dating and it wasn't a kiss kiss!” “You're lying! He asked you out huh?!” “No! It was just a date!” “WHAT!? What did you say!” “Uggh! I can't with you! Drop it! I don't see him like that!” Sailynn leans back on the wall again, “fine. Your loss though. Jimin told me everything so don't think you're safe.” And with that, Sailynn walks away, leaving Jojo alone to finish rinsing her feet.
When Jojo rejoins the group, Jin immediately begins talking to her, asking what she wanted to eat. Her eyes wondered over to Sailynn, watching as she playfully danced the chorus Twice's Cheer Up with Jimin, Hoseok, and Jungkook. “There's not much to eat except sweets and junk food,” Namjoon added onto Jin's suggestions. “Anything sounds fine right now,” Jojo smiled. Bellies filled with corn dogs and burgers, the group walks around one last time, on their way to the vans. “I still think we should get on one more ride,” Taehyun complains. “You guys can go ahead,” Hoseok chuckles nervously. “How about the ferris wheel? That way we can all ride it together,” Jimin smiles. “There's only 2-3 people per basket,” Jungkook counters. “And there's an odd number of us.” “I can sit it out,” Hoseok beams. “No you can't,” Sailynn sang. “I'm gonna need a bit of hope to get on. How bout it?” “I see what you're trying to do, it's not gonna work,” Hoseok crosses his arms across his chest. “You're not fun,” Sailynn grumbles. Namjoon snorts. “Come on, Hoseok, it'll be a group thing. It's not like a roller coaster, you can sing the entire time if you want.” “A girl group song, I'll sing with you,” Sailynn inserts a bit of aegyo, making Hoseok laugh. “You're sending me to my death for the second time today but fine. I choose the song though.” “I call riding with Taehyun!” Jimin shouted. “I call Jimin too!” Taehyun answered brightly. “I don't really wanna ride, I think I ate too many sweets,” Jojo smiled nervously. “Come on, I'll ride with you if you want.” Jin encouraged. “Yoongi hyung and I will ride together,” Jungkook grinned. Everyone got in line, standing next to their partners until seats became available. After a bit more convincing, Sailynn and Namjoon got Hoseok on the basket and hoped on with them as promised with Hoseok immediately singing Red Velvet's Ice Cream as the basket moved. The next basket opened up, Jojo looked around the second she realized Jin had gone missing. “Where did Jin go?” “He went with Jungkook to the restroom, they'll be back in a second,” Jimin smiled. “Ah, okay. You guys go ahead.” “Ladies first, noona,” Taehyun replied, ushering Jojo into the basket. “But what about-” “You too hyung! Before you run away!” Jimin snickerd, pushing Yoongi into the basket too and closing the door. The ride moved before Jojo could say anything, making her realize it was all a trick the second she looked up and saw Sailynn looking back at her blowing kisses and making hearts. “That evil-” “Don't worry, I won't do anything.” Yoongi suddenly spoke. Jojo turned away from him, “I wasn't saying you were.” “I'm sorry for kissing you. I know it was unexpected, sorry.” She pressed her lips into a thin line and balled her fists on her lap. “It's okay,” she responded quietly. “And I'm sorry for letting the other members trick you into getting on.” “It's okay. I should have seen it coming when that bundle of evil walked away so quietly.” Yoongi chuckles, “why do you call her evil? She can't be that bad.” Jojo turns to him, “you don't know her like I do. I don't know how I'm surviving but I am. Barely, but I am.” “Why don't you just move out?” “Because I love her regardless of what she does to me.” “What does she do to you?” “Stuff like this.....” Jojo mumbled quietly. Yoongi fumbles with his camera again, “this isn't too bad, is it?” “No but-” “How come you don't do the whole dating thing?” “It's just that-” “I mean, we both get along pretty well. We think the same. We even have decent conversations whenever we're not debating about something stupid.” “Yeah-” “So why don't you date?” He repeats again, lifting his head to make eye contact. “It's complicated,” she answers in a soft tone. Yoongi leans his back against the metallic bars, sighing heavily. “Well this sucks. I really like you. Now the whole ride is going to be awkward.” Jojo scoffed, “it's not like I asked to be shoved in here with you.” “I didn't either, but don't you think things happen for a reason?” he counters immediately. “Nope. Not with that brat running around.” He lifts his head to look at her again, “then why don't you get back at her?” “I will. I just gotta survive this-” “Survive? What do you mean by survive?” “That's not what I meant-” “You like me back huh?” “What?” she winces. “No, I-” “Why are you denying the fact that you like me? Am I not good enough for you?” “No! It's not that, it's just that-” “So you are denying your feelings for me. Wow, that's a slap in the face.” He turns away. “Yoongi, I-” “Thanks for being so honest, Jojo.” “Seriously? I-” “What did I ever do to-” “COULD YOU JUST LET ME SPEAK!?” She exclaims. Yoongi turns his head. “Hmm?” “It's not that I'm denying my feelings for you, it's just that- I just- well you see- ugh!” she ruffles her hair in frustration. “Do you realize how long it's been since I've dated? The last one didn't work out so well and I-” “And that matters why?” he blinks blankly at her. “Because you're different-” “Then just date me.” She glares at him. “You're not letting me speak.” Yoongi turns his whole body towards her, “how bout a deal?” She rolls her eyes, “another one?” “Yes. This time. You have to go on a date with me and if it doesn't work out then we drop it and never speak of it again.” “Okay-” “But. If it DOES work out. Then you'll automatically become my girlfriend. Deal or Deal?” “I really don't have a way out of this do I?” “Nope. I'll keep pestering you until you cave.” Jojo stares at him for the longest five seconds of her life until she feels herself giving in. “Okay fine. Done deal.” He grins from ear to ear. “Good.” Then turns on his camera before jerking his head up again, “this doesn't count as a date by the way. You have to go on another one with me. Without any of the other members around.” Jojo's lips twitch. “Fine.” Yoongi shoots up, “Hey Sailynn!” Sailynn and the other two boys turns around, “What?” Yoongi holds up a thumbs up. “Are you serious!?” She cheers, clapping excitedly with a hooting and hollering Namjoon and singing Hoseok. Jojo's jaw drops. “What? Were you in this too!?” Yoongi shrugged, “who knows.” "I'm not going on a date with you anymore.” “You have to, we made a deal.” “Is she mad?” Sailynn shouted over the noise. “Give her some chocolate, that'll score you points!” “Yaah! Shut up and turn around!” Jojo hollered. “Chocolate?” Yoongi smiled. Jojo blushed, “I like sweets, okay. Don't judge.” “Something sweeter than me?” He winked. Jojo laughed, “No. Nothing is sweeter than Suga.” "Good," he flashes his gummy smile and turns his camera around. "Now let's take a picture." "Yaah!"


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oh gosh i died from the cheeseness
Did you? Well then I better go get another wedge 😈😈😈😘
And dad there is Suga coming outta his damn lane.. Lol Ughhhhh Yoongi stay far away with ur cheeseness
can you tag me from now on?
@kpopaddict16 - I'm in the middle of finishing ny BigBang novel, idk if you want to be included in that, but I'll tag you in my oneshots and all future projects 🙆😊😊❤
Hi~^^ I love your fanfics!!! Can you tag me? And are requests open for oneshots?
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Oh and it's okay~ I understand^^ When you finish your namjoon novel, can you tell me when I can start requesting?
😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 why did I read this....why did I come back and find many regrets 😰😰😰😰