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Sorry this is late but here it is!

What is my favorite Chanyeol moment?!

Oh heavens there are so many...

I would have to say when Chanyeol showed his fire power on roommate.

That so funny and he was such a good sport about it LOL

I just love him too much...

Thunder Buddies!:
The Randoms~:
H โ€“ @HyunnieKim
O โ€“ @otakukpopgirl
Q โ€“
U โ€“ @UnicornSuga
X โ€“ @Xoxojessica12
Z โ€“ @Zyxzj @zzzdonk

(Credit to the owners of the gifs and images!)

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That would have to be when Namjoon turned on the stove and Yoongi almost getting a heart attack x3 , he's too adorable!~
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