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This is part 6. Thanks for staying tuned. Yall know the drill

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Jessamine shoved the boxes at me. "Take the test and move on." She was right. I need to do this and move the fuck on. I went to the bathroom and we wait for the results. I ask her to read the results because it was just too much for me. She walked back with her eyes closes and the sticks in her hands. "Wtf?!" Jessamine says. "What what? I was right wasn't I?" I say while trying not to break down. "Well I really don't know. 3 say negative but 3 say positive. You may need to go to the clinic." Jessamine says. "I'm not going to any clinic!" I say while grabbing the tests and throwing them in the trash. Jessamine looked very concerned as she watched me pace back and forth. I could feel the tension coming from her. I was so embarrassed. How could I let this happen? I have so many opportunities right in front of me and I mess up by tricking. The doctor said I had a sex addiction and she diagnosed me with Clinical Depression and PTSD. Those are just labels. I've been through hell and I know I am stronger than this. "Look I'm not trying to judge you and I know you are going through it. At the end of the day this is your life. But when are you going to really woman up and take responsibility for your actions. There are other lives here at stake." "No cared about me so why should I give a shit about others?" I blurt out. "Why should I give a flying fuck a out Yoongi? That bitch can care about him. He doesn't need my care. Namjoon still hates me and Jungkook just loves to fuck my guts out. Even Lee acts like I'm not around." "People do care for you and have cared for you. You are the one who burn bridges because you fear having the very thing that you desire the most." "And what's that since you know so much? You live a perfect life with a guy who adores you. You have a family and people respect you plus you are pretty. You don't have a clue." I say while holding back my tears. "You say you support me but all you have done was throw shade and judge me." "Look, no I don't know exactly what you are going through because I'm not you. Just like you don't what struggles I have cuz you are not me. Life is what you make it. You are a grown ass woman know and you control your destiny. I'm not throwing shade I'm shedding light and making you think. Stop playing the victim. If I didn't give a damn I would be here right now. But I'm not gonna fight harder than you anymore, so I'm leaving a d going back to work." Jessamine left leaving me all alone in my apartment. The same coldness I felt every time Jungkook and Yoongi pushes away from me and leaves me after we have sex. Maybe she is right. I crave love but I fear it. I grab a snack and then grab my things and head to the clinic. I to know...I had to know.
I'm at the guy's place again. Jin was having karaoke night and I couldn't pass it up. I needed a good time even if I had to be around Namjoon, Jungkook, and Yoongi. Everyone seemed to have fun. Jin showed out with the planning. I smiled and played along but I found my self mentally fading away. We finally sit and eat dinner and I feel like I had to speak to Yoongi and Jungkook alone. I did not want to embarrass them nor myself. "Yoongi...Jungkook I need to speak to you two alone." I say. Yoongi rolls his eyes and Jungkook acts as if he didn't hear me. Jessamine looked at both of them. "Didn't you hear her?" "Oh yeah sure Shorty." Jungkook says. "Whatever you have to tell me you can say in front of my girlfriend." Yoongi says. Hobi could see the dead look on my face and I sit in silence trying to keep it together. "Bro maybe you shouldn't say that." "My boyfriend is right. Whatever this low life has to say to him she can say around me. I heard about her disgusting ways. I don't why you all keep the likes of her around. She could ruin your careers. I thought about reporting her to Big Hit Entertainment. She's whore!" Yoongi's girlfriend says. "Oh wow shit just got real tense." Namjoon says. "Daisy shut the fuck up." Jessamine said. "You don't know her and show some respect." "I do know her. Yoongi told me everything thing." Daisy says. "Did Yoongi tell you about the shit he did too. You know nothing and should shut the fuck up." Jessamine says. "Wow Jimin calms your woman down for real." Yoongi says. "Or what bro. You need to worry about your chick and not disrespect my woman." Jimin says. "This bitch is talking about she knows shit and she doesn't. She talking about messing with people's money. Everyone is not from a rich ass perfect family. Some people have to work and Yoongi is not innocent what so ever." Jessamine blurts. "Who you think you are talking to Jessamine?" Daisy says. Jessamine looks under the table. "I'm trying to find the fuck I give about you. I guess there are none." Jessamine lunges across the table and Jimin quickly grabs her. Everyone is yelling and I go into a fog. I don't what is going on. Why is that little bitch Daisy so rude and why is Yoongi telling my business. Suddenly I can hear myself yelling. "Everyone shut up! Yoongi you want your bitch ass girlfriend and the world to know what's going on fine! I'm fucking pregnant and you were the last person I had sex with besides Jungkook." I slam down the results from the doctor. Daisy almost fainted. Jungkook face was red and everyone was silent. Tae picked up the paper and read it out loud. "So Jungkook could be a father?" "Honestly his chances are lower than Yoongi's. We always used protection but Yoongi and I never did." "So what are we going do?" Jungkook says while trying not to tear up.
I was a letter to get a hold of some knew technology where the doctor can insert something inside me and gather some DNA to find out who was the father of the child. After that uproar Daisy and Yoongi broke up. I was able to get Yoongi and Jungkook to come to the clinic with me to get swobed for this test. I haven't spoken to them since I got the results today. 2 weeks has passed and I'm about 4 weeks pregnant. I found out Yoongi was the father as I thought. I called him several times and he didn't pick up. The guys couldn't find him. We called his parents looking for him and he wasn't there. Even though I slowly was growing to have dead feeling towards Yoongi I was worried about him. What if he was in some dark alleyways drunk. Well it seems to me he knew what was up. I texted him and told him that he was the father I even left a voice message. Late one night he texted me back. Telling me I did this on purpose and he couldn't become a father over night. He said he hated me and I ruined his life. Honestly, I wasn't even bothered by his immature response and his acts of disappearing wasn't a shock to me. It was just the confirmation I needed.......


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I think she should like move to America and she ends up giving birth and having a good life in america and goes back to visit her friend and Yoongi or Jungkook uh I don't know.
Girl, where's my tea???? Shit just got real!!!!
Damn about time she did something. I hope she forgets about Yoongi and leaves hopefully he realizes that and wants her back. I hope you write other fanfics about Yoongi like your first fic. I love Yoongi ❤️❤️ he so cute I hope shorty learned her lesson and stops sleeping around now. Thx for the tag girl keep it up I love your stories Amiga ✌️
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@amobigbang your welcome 😊 I shall go read it now
Namjoon was me in the first gif
Oh crap! Shit just got real!! @cagonzales9696
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