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@AdamDean There is a difference between not showing much emotion, and not having it. This is a character trope anyway: A "Kuudere." While she may not always show her emotion, she still has it. Not to mention love can overcome a lot anyway. (not that I'm in love) Everyone has their own interests and opinions, which is especially true for romance. While Origami may not be your type, Kotori personally isn't mine either. So... yea, I could find ways to make something like thar work.
@BlackDragon88 I'm aware of the Kuudere cliche. But even with Shido, the guy she loves... she rarely shows it. The most emotion she has shown has been in battle. Not saying you can't prefer her, I'm just clarifying my point.
@AdamDean I realize such is true, and I do agree partly, but I disagree with the point of it feeling like my efforts were in vain. Even if it may not be clearly visible how one feels, the feelings are still there. As a matter of fact, I can be a bit emotionless at times as well. While not typical of me, it happens. I'd say it would be worth all the effort to win love anyhow. For me it isn't at all about the other person showing their emotion. It just matters if it's truly there.
@BlackDragon88 I don't know. I mean maybe that's because of the difference between you and me. But I always assume that if I or you or whoever is living in the world of that anime without knowledge from our outside world. Sure seeing through to someone you love would be much easier, but it would be hard to fall in love with them if you don't already know about her... I don't know. I'm sure you see it differently.
@AdamDean I'm not sure what you mean by "already know about her." I assume you mean knowing what she's like, or having met her prior. Assuming I had met her beforehand, one can learn what someone is like just by being around them. Getting to know the other person is one of, if not the most important parts of dating anyhow. But in the end, she, and every other anime character, are fictional.