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Okay I have completed chapter 15 the remake part... I love it lol but I went to go read the whole story again and I like it but I hate it because I rush it and I skip so many good screen xD so as most of you know I love asking for my reader opinion and I even try my best to fill out each and every one request.
For example I don't know if you guy remember or saw my card were I'm asking for ships. will I did the editing of Leo and N I forgot who asked for it I think most of you did but yeah I still don't know which editing I like best lol. (also I promise to get to everyone else ship and I'd like to thank everyone who participated in give me those ships if you'd like me to do a oneshot of it then go a head and comment below and put if you want Smut or no smut or semi Smut{ which is like skipping all the details and just kiss getting heated then done skip the screen xD} with only fluff or only Angst or both. I'll even do ship I don't ship lol I know in my card I put don't just put vkook and yoonmin lol because I'll still do a one shot I mean I don't really ship markson but I did a oneshot and it was beautiful xD. also if that card gets a lot of likes I'll make it into a whole story lol and by alot I mean 60 and above xD) @ParkKyungSoon @MaggieHolm @strawberrylover @CarolSilva @VerusumNox @destiny1419 @KokoroNoTakara @MrsJungHoseok @VixenViVi @VixenViVi @AmberFranco @LinnyOk @lovetop @nettaj1013 @DestineeTrost @BBxGD @AmberRelynn @BiasKpop @Viresse @HayleyYates @VeronicaArtino @GamerKyumin @ParkKyungSoon @pharmgirlerin @ElisabethGraceG if you comment under that ship card and I forgot to tag you I'm sorry I didn't do it on purpose. if you want to make a request go to the link ☟☟ BUT WAIT!!!!!
BUT DON'T LEAVE JUST YET!! I NEED YOUR ADVICE ON MY BOBBY AND B.I STORY! before you go and make a request lol help me out here first lol I need you guys xD and yes this is my favorite gif I use it alot xD
anyways so I thought about the Bobby and B.I story in all truth it was good buuuuttt. the punctuation need alot of work and I should have gone back and look it over again because I had some mix word, misspelled or missing words which I'm sure made it confusing to some of you and I apologize for my bad English grammar lol -.- but hey I'd write that story in middle of the night xD so sorry xD half asleep writing is a no no lol anyways I was reading it again and like it wasn't what I invasion you know it's was kinda trying to get there but I wasted time on something that weren't important and skip alot of the good part and didn't explain much like why did that guy in part 2 shoved Bobby and b.i with his shoulder and said "Oh look GD and YG favorite pups" or something like that XD I actually had a reason for that and that person but like I just skip it xD why would I do that idk I'm stupid and I was trying to rush... I know alot of you say it's good and it's up to me if I want to remake the whole thing or just add more parts and remake part 15.... well you see.... I go base on what my reader look for or interested in and like sometimes because I can't make a decision so I need my reader help and advice. I like your opinion too I'm very open mind and enjoy feed back like when they tell me should receive your story and check your spelling or tell me its good but i should work on my grammar or punctuation. I appreciate that because I now know that I should not just type and not look it over to make sure I didn't miss word and I can go and fix it and it help me improve. like I'm pretty sure right now I probably missing or use the wrong word already haha.


the time as come for everyone who interested in my ikon bobby and B.I story to make a choice or give me your opinion! either! remake the whole story! (same plot but better addee screen removed useless one more explaining no rushing. the character keep the same background which means it will stay the same meaning B.I dad being your step dad issues will stay the same but I might change a little something and make more intense stuff) or just remake part 15 and add more (fuck the rest it find how you have it just keep going from the remake 15) pick One! A: whole remake of APOLOGY A BOBBY AND B.I STORY REMAKE or B: remake part 15 move on. Apology A Bobby and B.I story BOBBY WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD FRIEND AND YOU GUYS WERE ALWAYS SO CLOSE BUT DURING SUMMER BREAK SOMETHIBG HAPPEN AND CHANGED IT ALL THAT. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU FIND OUT YOUR BEST FRIEND IS DATING YOUR WORST ENEMY WHO A MEN!? a story about Bobby and b.i but you involved TOO. a love triangle in a very twisted way. ^_^
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I vote for Smut and more smut and choose the just remake part 15 and add more and fuck the rest!!
This is hard! I love the story as it is, but I would also love to reread the story with more information and clarification. Just remaking 15 and adding on could do the same thing though. So basically I am going to be of no help - do whichever you feel is best. Either way, I look forward to reading it! Also, I will agree with everyone else... SMUT. 😉😈😅
ahhh I loved it * even with the grammar mistakes* So I vote for just remake part 15 and add more.. But I can understand wanting to redo the whole thing and I get you wanting others opinion but hey do what you feel you should do because it's going to bug you either way you know I will support you no matter which one * but I need some smut love* 😂😂😙
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@sukkyongwanser lol really xD
I haven't read this story yet but as a writer myself and looking at how you said you were rushing and didn't explained scene well and had misspelled words and grammar wasn't so great. I would say rewrite it all. But other people who have read your story might say different things. So my vote is to rewrite all of it and think of what you have down as a rough draft and your doing edits to the rough draft just to make the final copy better.