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I'm at the hospital right now. My daughter is crying and begging to stop the doctors from inserting IV. She has Ulcerative Colitis. This is her 4th admission this year and I think I am going to break down from all these problems. Just last month, my boyfriend broke up with me. I was so depressed with my situation that being a good girlfriend was hard to attain. I was always problematic and sad, nervous and complaining for needing more attention and calls of comfort. Now, here we are again at an expensive hospital in Manila. If my parents are not helping me with expenses, I'd probably be in a mental hospital or talking to a psychiatrist. I always pray that God can just grant a miracle. The doctor said my daughter's disease is not curable. Hospital visits will always be part of the routine. I don't know why all of these are happening. Sometimes I ask God if things will be better next year- if my daughter will get well, if he saved a man for me to be with me at tough times, if I will be financially sufficient after some years... etc. I really don't know. Right now, I just hope He is listening and watching from above. For as long as He sees us and hear me, I know He will answer... I'm just waiting...
I have learnt never to question the way of God. There is reason to all He lays before us. To ask you to accept is easy but understanding it is difficult. Find God and you will find love and peace. Look in to the Lord and not to the World. . . and all will be well. Love from us all 馃槜馃槞馃槝馃挒
just keep praying, something will come through
I will pray for you and your family like this comment if you will pray with me 馃槉馃懠
dont lose hope, He will do whats necessary for your daughter and you. your parents are a blessing for you right now so take courage from that. I'll keep you in my prayers
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i understand, its never easy
It is well dear. keep loving God.. all things will work together for your good. Stay in faith.
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Sure will馃檹
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