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It was late night in Seoul, a cool breeze passed as Namjoon the leader of the famous boy group Bangtan walked home from dance practice and messing around in his studio. The rest of the members had stayed behind to go out to eat, but surprisingly Jin wasn't hungry. The young maknae glanced at him with a concerned look, "Jin hyung you don't seem well are you feeling alright?" Jin had just kept practicing the dance they had just all rehearsed, he didn't want to mess up. Thoughts went through Jin's mind, "Would Namjoon be upset if he messed up the simple dance moves or would he comfort him?" Yoongi had shook Jin slightly continued with a small gentle tug. Jin finally snapped out of it and looked at the members looking back at him with concerned looks on their faces. Jin looked around the room and hadn't notice Namjoon left early. "Where is Namjoon? Is he si-," but just as Jin was going to finish his panicked questions Hoseok patted him on the back and laughed. "He's not sick he said he wanted to sleep early so we could rehearse the song lyrics and choreography early in the morning," Hoseok had said with a calm voice that had eased Jin's worried expression. In the early breezy morning in Seoul in the Bangtan dorm, all the members had just woken up from their deep sleep. Yoongi and Jin were preparing breakfast. Jimin and Jungkook were messing around like the little children they are, while Taehyung practiced his acting skills. Namjoon was talking with Hoseok as Hoseok explained that Jin seemed a little tense. Namjoon took a quick small glance at Jin and he sighed a bit as he knew why Jin was stressing. Namjoon looked at Hoseok and said in almost a whispering tone, "He's afraid I'll be upset if he messes up the choreography." Jimin and Jungkook continued to play and act like little toddlers as Taehyung started messing around with them. Namjoon took another look at Jin and noticed his eyes were puffy. "Was he crying..?" Namjoon thought as he worried for the eldest member even more than he usually had as he only worried for the youngest ones breaking something in the dorm or losing their belongings in other countries. Yoongi set the table and Jin brought the pans and bowls full of food to the table. Jin had took a look at Namjoon before turning around and messing with his silky dyed blonde hair. Jimin fixed his hair and laughed as it flopped back onto his face while Jungkook and Taehyung tried tackling each other. In the end they all sat down and had a calm breakfast and headed out to practice.
The members had just finished their concert the following night. It was late at night they were all exhausted. Namjoon and Jin sat together on the plane as Jin let his head fall onto Namjoon's shoulder. Namjoon was a bit startled by it, but he didn't mind. Jimin and Taehyung had sat together while Jungkook sat across from them with Hoseok next to him and Yoongi had two seats to himself as he took a nap. The flight back was long yet as they landed it was relieving. They all headed back to the dorm, but before they stopped by to get something to eat. Jin didn't eat much like he usually does. Namjoon began to worry even more and stood up. He grabbed Jin's hand and pulled him outside to talk to him. Namjoon said in a nervous and hesitant voice, "Jin everyone is worried about you now tell me what's wrong?" Jin looked down nervously as he was a bit embarrassed about what he was going to say. Jin looked at Namjoon and without any hesitation he said it. He said why he has been so nervous and had practiced the choerography more than all the other members had. "I have feelings for you Namjoon," Jin said in a cute calm voice. Namjoon stood there in shock practically blushing then he hugged Jin as tight as he could. Tears ran down both of their cheeks. All the members walked out and saw them. They all wondered what had happen...

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