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Your perspective Pairing: Jimin x reader? Warning: mature content (intimacy)
August 13th Like Jimin said, after my work had finished, he drove me back to my dorm. The car ride was awfully quiet. The only time we talked was when he parked the car and stood by me outside the dorm. "Thanks for the lift Chim" "That's okay but I'm not leaving yet" Once the door was open, I learnt what he meant by 'making it worthwhile'. He slammed the door shut behind him with his foot and moved me so that my back was facing the door. His lips quickly attacked my neck as his fingers curled into the loops of my jeans. "Jim-Jimin~" I managed to speak, barely. He had complete control. "I love you Y/N! No matter whether we are together or not, I will always love you in every sense of the word"
He removed his hands from the top of my jeans to my thighs and he swiftly lifted me up. My legs followed his lead and wrapped themselves around his waist. Damn this boy is strong, he was carrying me with ease. It didn't take long for him to march me into my bedroom and land me on the bed. He violently threw off his shirt to the other side of the room. Nice. I copied his actions and then we both paused. I ran my hands up and down his chest but they soon receded when his body eased its way on top of me. We both knew this would be the last time that we could do any of this together, so by God we made it worthwhile.
Afterwards, we just talked honestly with each other. "I hope we can still be good friends Chim." "Oh I'm planning on being your best friend now" "Really?" "Yeah, I'm giving Tae a run for his money" I grinned at that, I didn't want things to be weird after we split but it's better than I expected. Well that was it, number 5 done, just like Jungkook expected. ~To Kook the monster: You were right, me and Jimin just broke up. happy?~ ~From Kook: sorry to hear that~ I can already see the headline, 'Mack does it again' or 'Bangtan's Bitch strikes again'.
So that's how I remember the 13th. 13 is meant to be unlucky and for me and Jimin, it was. ~From Squishgi: so now can I take you out for some proper coffee?~ I guess he had no restrictions now and also he didn't have anyone telling him not to. I'm sure Yoongi wouldn't mind waiting, I'm going to go out with him for coffee just after a breakup. It could send Jimin insane. ~To Squishgi: yeah sure, just give it a few days okay~ Apparently, once Jimin got home from mine, him and Jungkook made up. For them, it was as if nothing happened. It was nice, I could focus on my music now and not have to go around worrying about a boyfriend as well.
Hope you guys enjoyed!!! I'm saving any kind of smut for later on in the story I think. Anyway... Tagging: @tiffany1922 @CallMeMsDragon @Saeda1320 @AdeleLynn @Animezkpopgirl @Mavis2478 @Jaysbae13 @milcalopez963 @BangtansQueen @JaxomB