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Do I think my UB will ever change? Hmm...

Honestly, I know it won't change. I love Jonghyun from the bottom of my heart. Even though I didn't notice him at first, I'm glad that I finally did, because this man means so much to me

No matter how many new groups come out, and no matter how many other biases I will have, Jonghyun will forever hold the #1 spot

Thank you guys for listening to me ramble on about this beautiful man! I know it was probably painful to XD

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Haha it wasn't painful! I sadly have 5 UBs (well, actually I have more than that if I include actors and G-Dragon) that include ALL OF SHINEE....So I completely understand your love for him. I just...I can't pick between SHINee members at all. The entire group is so unique and beautiful and they all mean so much to me. So I enjoyed seeing someone else express their love for Jonghyun ๐Ÿ˜Š