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Hey what's up???? Happy Saturday peeps!!!!I hope your enjoying your day/morning/night so let's get right to it!!!!!
What we gone do is go back!!!!! Wwwaaayyy back!!!! Back when Super Junior debuted!!!!!!! Sorry @GamerKyumin, our evil Manake has not came on (yet)!!!! Can my hair be like theirs????? Donghae with the silverly purple hair is just..............(again with the snatching my soul)
I hope you guys enjoyed this throwback of Super Junior. See ya later!!!!!!!
Gotta tag my beautiful lovely ELF Reps: @GamerKyumin @KokoroNoTakara @twistedPuppy @KpopLifeu
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The guys looked so good with the hair they always look good lol. I want them to try the long hair again besides Heehul true I don't ever want him to change he is perfect just the way he is. Ryeowook did look manlier lol I want to see that again XD
Yes they do!!!
Love the baggy pants! Oh and Ryeowook looked so much more rugged and manly.
I lowkey want these hairstyles to come back lol
@TaraJenner In this video , Donghae doesn't stand out as much but I still love him. I'm with you about Heechul, DON'T EVER CHANGE!!!!!
Oh and @Kpossible4250 I fully concur about Donghae and the soul snatching. He is my bias in Suju followed by Siwon.
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