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Chapter 16
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
Nana POV
Nana laid on her bed staring at her ceiling feeling frustrated. “Why is she suddenly getting so much attention,” she said aloud as she furrowed her brow. Nana sat up suddenly and let out a frustrated groan. She threw her pillow across her room and let out another sigh. Nana walked out of her room and to the bathroom to wash her face. As she scrubbed her face her younger sister walked by and said, “If you scrub your face that hard it will disappear.” “Shut up I know!” Nana yelled and slammed the bathroom door shut. She rinsed and dried her face off and stared at herself in the mirror a moment. “Maybe I’ll send a text to Namjoon,” Nana said before leaving the bathroom.
Nana sat back on her bed and picked up her phone finding Namjoon’s number. She started to send him a text but suddenly stopped. She dialed the number and waited for the phone to be picked up on the other end. Nana was starting to get impatient listening to the ringing then suddenly a deep male voice answered the phone. “Hello?”
“Hold on a sec.” Nana could hear as the man held the phone away from his mouth and said, “Joon you have a call.” “Tell them I’m busy hyung,” Nana heard Namjoon say in the background.
“Sorry he is busy.”
“Okay, thank you.”
The phone disconnected before Nana could finish her sentence. Nana scoffed because she thought it was really rude. She felt her phone buzz in her hand and saw it was a text message from [Y/N]. Nana rolled her eyes and opened the message.
To: Nana
Message: I really need to talk to you. Can you get on messenger?
Nana grabbed her laptop and turned it on. She wanted to know what [Y/N] had to say. After a minute her laptop was up and running and Nana signed into messenger. Without missing a beat [Y/N] sent a message to Nana.
[Y/N] : Hey Nana
Nana: Yo
[Y/N]: Do you have a sec
Nana: Yeah sure, what’s up?
[Y/N]: I think I have a date on Saturday
Nana leaned back slightly narrowing her eyes at her computer. ‘There’s no way she already has a date,’ Nana thought as she started to type.
Nana: What do you mean you think you have a date?
[Y/N]: Taehyung walked me home and asked me to go to his game on Saturday
[Y/N]: After the game, he wants me to go somewhere with him.
Nana scoffed and felt anything but happiness for [Y/N].
Nana: Oh wow really?
[Y/N]: Yeah, I'm trying to decide on if it is actually a date or not
Nana: you are probably over thinking it. He is probably just wanting to meet you as a friend
[Y/N]: oh okay
[Y/N]: Thanks Nana! See you in the morning.
Nana slammed her laptop shut and groaned. ‘He just feels sorry for her because she doesn’t have any friends except for me. That’s why he asked her. Nobody would ever like her,’ Nana thought as she sat on her bed. ‘Well Namjoon would but he’s an idiot anyway.’ Nana looked at the clock on her night stand and noticed it was getting late. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Time for bed Nana,” she said to herself as she made herself comfortable.
It was Friday morning and you woke up late so you had to get ready in a hurry. You did some light make up, including powder, mascara, blush, and a tinted lip balm, then put your hair up in a cute top-knot bun. You found a small pink bow to stick your hair next to the top-knot. Happy with your appearance you finished putting on your uniform and headed down to the kitchen. Grabbing a breakfast bar and your pre-made lunch you ran out the door.
You arrived at the location you usually meet Nana and checked your watch. You weren’t late but Nana wasn’t there. It wasn’t like Nana to be late. You waited a few minutes then pulled out your phone. ‘No text messages,’ you thought. You put your phone back in your pocket and waited a few more minutes. Nana has been acting weirdly toward you since Tuesday and you didn’t understand why. She was cold and distant. If she talked to you it was mostly about Seokjin. You had been trying to talk to Nana about all the different things that have happened with Taehyung and Namjoon but any time you brought them up she shrugged it off and would say, “Oh I’m sure they are just being nice. Don’t over think it.” You let out a heavy sigh thinking about how your friendship became so weird within just a couple of days. Something wasn’t right. You continued to wait for Nana because you really wanted to talk to her and get things figured out.
While waiting for Nana you saw a few other students from your school walk by. A few boys looking and smiling at you as they passed. This made you feel embarrassed so you pulled your phone out again and checked for messages. ‘Where is she? It’s ten minutes past the meetup time,’ you thought as you tapped your foot against the ground. You decided you would give her a call. She answered on the third ring, “Hello?” You noticed the background noise was very loud but she sounded normal.
“Hey [Y/N]!”
“Where are you? I’m at the meetup spot but you aren’t here. Are you feeling sick?”
“Oh no I’m great! I’m at school!”
“You’re at school?”
“Yeah! I wanted to watch the morning soccer practice and I’m meeting up with oppa here in a bit.”
“Yeah, Kim Seokjin oppa! I gotta go [Y/N]!”
“Wait, Na-”
Nana hung up the phone and left you feeling confused. ‘She’s at school already? Why is she watching the soccer practice? Why didn’t she tell me anything?’ You asked yourself so many questions and suddenly felt not only confused but also sad. Your best friend was acting weird and you didn’t understand why. You have been trying to figure out what’s going on but she won’t respond to you. You put your phone in your pocket and started walking toward the school alone. You hadn’t ever walked to school alone and it made you feel really nervous, exposed and shy.
On your way to school you felt your phone buzz and was hoping it was a message from Nana. As you read the screen you noticed the time and it was 8:00. “Crap!” you yelled and started running to school. As you ran you read the text message.
From: Namjoon
Message: Where are you? The bell rang. Are you sick?
You tripped over yourself and fell to the ground throwing your phone a good ten feet in front of you. Your knee hit the ground first then your hands then your forehead. You could feel tears come to your eyes as you stood up. You grit your teeth and limped over to your phone. Picking it up you noticed there were a few cracks on the screen. You sighed and put your phone back in your pocket then started again back to school ignoring your injuries.
You arrived at school about ten minutes late. You would have gotten there earlier but because you hurt your leg you ended up walking slower than usual. “[Y/N] what happened to you,” Namjoon asked interrupting class. Ms. Kim looked over at you and said, “Oh goodness. Go to the nurse's office and get cleaned up.” You turned around and started limping again but saw Namjoon come to help you not saying anything. Ms. Kim didn’t protest as the two of you walked out of the class.
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I bet she is jealous of Y/N , like it ain't always about beauty all the time it's about the heart and personality so Nana may be pretty but she ugly inside boom!
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Too short dear but still interesting'