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Here's what happened. According to reports (and Oprah), she went into a fancy store sans entourage (and without her famously long fake eyelashes), and asked to see a handbag that was secured behind a screen. The saleswoman said, nope, it's too expensive. Look at these bags instead. The O asked to see the bag again (it was a Tom Ford croc skin, I'd want to touch that, too!), but the saleswoman again steered the media mogul — who is reportedly worth nearly $3 billion — to other bags in what she imagined would be Oprah's price range. O asked to see the bag a third time but the saleswoman, who was apparently trying to protect Oprah from being emotionally crushed by the price tag, said she didn't want to hurt O's feelings and refused again. Oprah and her $3 billion left the store without buying anything. cr: codeswicth
What does the Tom Ford Croc bag look like? The blag bag in the picture looks like vinyl, not reptile.
@shoenami ....if oprah complained, she would have been reprimanded by her supervisor b/c they lost a paying customer.... just not very smart and savvy on her part b/c at the end of the day, reality is the business suffers and so do you b/c customers are the ones that buys the merchandise and pay your bills....without us, your business wouldn't stay afloat and you would be unemployed.....common sense but i guess some ppl lack logic way of thinking...
@cheerfulcallie now that's smart business! See? they were kind that's why they got you to buy!.. lol... i don't even know what they get for being rude
wow, thats sad to hear and no im not speaking in terms of just oprah, i mean for anyone to experience such harsh treatment. ive gone to a few high end stores and customer service has always been pleasant that i get talked into buying stuff, lolz...
@neaa he must be horrified! lol @suranimh very very correct! and I hope to everyone.. blairwitme and @michellemiller3 is right.. it's because she's freaking Oprah that's why this has become such a big deal.. which is really sad.. :(
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