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(Remember, this review is based on my opinion) (And there may or may not be spoilers! Read at your own risk!) - YES! I've wanted to make this review for a while!
ERASED is one of those types of Anime that kept me thinking who was doing what or who did what. Each episode had be guessing on who did what and even when I thought I had it figured out I was dead wrong.
This anime grew to a point where I grew attached to the characters and I even found myself cheering and tearing up when certain things happened.
I really wanna keep this review spoiler free but you can probably guess that from the initial image the anime is about this girl and the boy that is shown in multiple images.
Let's see if I had to give this anime a rating it would be a 9/10 Snowballs. But only because of the ending, don't get me wrong the ending was spectacular! However the whole who ended up with who made me a tad sad but other than that I absolutely loved this anime and I recommend it to anyone who liked Angel Beats. no reason ;3
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Love this show more and more every time I rewatch it! I kinda like who ended up with who, especially Satoru.
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