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Hey Guys, Sorry this K-Star Saturday Card is So late, My Dog that I had for over 11 years Passed away this Morning, and it's been a Very rough day, But I promised you Guys a K-star Saturday card, and I want to keep my Promise to you. This week's Featured K-star is Youngjae from B.A.P. Thank you all for Voting, and I really Hope you enjoy this Card.

Facts about Youngjae:

Real Name: Yoo Youngjae
Nickname: he doesn't have a Special one. he's Happy if you call him whatever you think of when looking at him.
Birthdate: January 24th 1994
Height: 178cm
Blood type: AB
Hometown: Seoul
Family: Parents, Older brother
Position: Lead Vocalist.
Bunny Color: Yellow
He studied at Balgok Elementary School & Middle School and Uijeongbu Technical High School.
•He likes to sleep. He always wake up the last and is always late.
•He is gentle but sometimes has mood swings as an AB type.
•He cites Musiq Soulchild and Jay Park as his musical influences and likes to listen to R&B and neo soul music
•His frequent habit is biting his nails.
•He love to eat meat the most.
•His favorite color is sky blue.
•Sunny is his favorite movie.
•His favorite movie is 10.
•Placed first in JYP's 6th Audition and trained there for a year. He left the company due to personal reasons and later on a person he knew introduced him to his current company, TS Entertainment.
•Appeared in SECRET's "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight" music videos.
•Was a back up dancer for SECRET.
•He’s the "brain" of the group. At school, he had 90% in Sciences, History, Korean and English.
•He’s really responsible and meticulous about everything he does and he speaks well.
•His favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.
•He doesn’t have an ideal type, although he likes Kang Sora.
•Since kid Youngjae liked games, it was in 6th grade that he had the dream of becoming a professional gamer.
•He officially fell in the charms of music after he entered high school.
•In his trainee days, he was chosen as B.A.P’s representing vocal and the pressure was higher than none other. However, when Daehyun joined the group, all the pressure disappeared and with having both of them sharing parts, he was happy to be able to follow through with the kind of vocals he wanted to do.
•He wouldn’t want his future girlfriend to wear revealing clothes. He says he’s not protective, but it’s something he has when it comes to clothing.
•He tends to overreact when he is too happy so he hits people randomly when that happens. Most of the time, Jongup would be the one to get hit and he says it’s rather painful.
•He's close to JJ Project since they were trainee together at JYP Entertainment.
•Youngjae doesn’t like going to the building’s gym with Jongup, but rather with Daehyun who he feels comfortable around.
•He have an expansive belt and he always wear.
•He collaborated with Secret's Sunhwa on the single 'Everything's Pretty'.
•He likes Secret's Jieun and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon.
•Youngjae, "Since we are artists, when I'm up on the stage and see all the fans cheering for me, I can gain the strength to realise my dream. I can then possess the strength and the courage."
I Hope you enjoyed this Card. for those who don't know, K-Star Saturday is Going to Take a Little Break, But I promise It will be return Very soon. Thank you Guys for your Patients and your Understanding.
I'm so sorry for your loss, i know how tough it can be. stay strong! ♡
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hugs!!!! ♡
I'm so sorry about your dog. I hope you are doing ok.
@MelissaGarza Thank you. *Hugs* I'm doing okay now.
i am really sorry for your loss nd i deeply appreciate you making this card for us please do take your time nd we will be waiting when u come back ❤❤❤👌 take care always.
@sherrysahar Thank you so much. You're welcome for the card. It was really no problem at all. 😊
Thank you for making a card today. I'm so sorry about your dog :( Hope you make it through this tough time. Fighting! <3
@AmberRelynn you're welcome. Thank you so much. 🤗💖
You made a wonderful card. I'm so sorry you lost your dog ;-;
@P1B2Bear Thank you. I Miss her, But I'm glad she's not suffering anymore.
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